Madden 13

I can’t say that I am a Madden super fan. I have played it once or twice with my last boyfriend. I tried to get into it and never really played it outside of the times we played against each other. BUT I am a serious lover of the American version of Football! The Philadelphia Eagles is the franchise that I fully support – no matter who they trade out to receive, what drafts they pick up, etc. But as football season approaches EA Sports is ready to launch the latest installment of their Madden video game – Madden 2013. The cover of this year’s release features #81 – Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions. Johnson played college football at Georgia Tech where he was recognized as an All-American, twice!


The cover player was voted on by the fans from a 64-player pool, initially – which was ultimately cut down to 32 players in round 2. Until the final round when the cover player is announced. This year the process began on March 7, 2012. I received a video clip this weekend which features Ray Lewis and Paul Rudd in competition playing the new Madden 13. Where Paul Rudd is clad in his Pittsburgh Steelers’ gear while Ray Lewis is simply wearing his regular Game Sunday attire, simple shirt and jeans. Rudd constants repeats lyrics from Wiz Khalifa’s hit single ‘Black and Yellow‘ – which has been adopted by Steelers’ fans after their win of Super Bowl XLIII in 2009 against the Arizona Cardinals.

I do not own a video game console currently. But I think I may have to invest in one soon or find some fella who is going to purchase the new Madden 13 this upcoming Tuesday, August 28 and rekindle my lover for video games again! Click the above image to view the video video Ray Lewis and Paul Rudd playing the #madden13demo


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