This section of #then1989 will house may random links to sites on things that I have come across online, in passing while shopping, through conversations with friends – pretty much my daily life. I have dubbed it ‘Tidbits’ because it reminded me of Twitter when I first came up with the idea. Most people on Twitter just give little snippets of their thoughts, as we are only given 140 characters to make a point. From that inspiration this section was manifested. It will also feature lengthier posts which are dedicated more towards news topics that I decided not to blog about extensively. All of the tidbits will be created to their original sources, I will not take credit for any stories for which I have merely brought over to my website for your reading pleasures.

If you would like to suggest anything for me to feature in this section; feel free to contact me via terrik@then1989.com and I will complete a short review for posting on this website.

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