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The term posh is an informal adjective given to the upper class within society. There are other synonyms for the term that can be found online, some include: rich, aristocratic, wealthy, toffee nosed, and more but my favorites are very classy and sophisticated. The two words that I hope people think of when describing the type of young woman I am. In referencing a certain picture that was taken of me during a photoshoot on my homeland of Bermuda, a friend of mines said I looked ‘posh’ in the photo. With that statement in mind during the process of thinking of a fashion and beauty section for my website, I knew that Posh would be used as a part of the title. Miss was simply influenced by the fact that I refer to myself as ‘misstkms’ on Twitter and I am affectionately referred on the radio as ‘Miss Terri K’.

To afford you a brief description of this section of #then1989 – Posh Miss is a fashion and beauty trends, tips, and products section to the website. Initially, I planned for it to be a fashion photo blog but with the positive reviews I have received online about my blog posts and music features for the website – I decided that articles would be just as well received and would allow me to launch this section sooner rather than later. The initial launch date was scheduled to be January 6, 2013 and I think it will remain a launch date but for the photo blog portion. However, the official launch date for the section is November 6, 2012 – there was a reason for it being the sixth of the month, however I never wrote that reason down so I cannot even give you that tidbit =D

Posh Miss is my personal fashion movement. Essentially, it’s my version of the term fashionista; it’s how I refer to my fashion self. All articles featured on this section, although the ideas may not originate from me (and I will credit the original authors/articles), all of the media featured whether written, audio or video will have been created/edited by myself.

If you are a business and would like to offer any suggestions for me review and to feature on this website; feel free to contact me via thePM@then1989.com and I will complete a short review for posting on this website. If you are just looking to gain my personal opinion on anything fashion or beauty related; feel free to contact me as well via the above email address.

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