Wine Back by K Rich


#TeamBrightSkin to di worl’!!! I am a proud member of this team. As fall is fast approaching the city I now call home, you should know that I get lighter like it’s nobody business during these months. While going through a recent influx of singles to my email inbox I came across the latest single by K Rich, a native of the sweet island of Trinidad & Tobago, ‘Wine Back.’ A single that is receiving plenty support all over the island of T&T as well as over the globe. K Rich was recently featured during the Miami Carnival festival earlier this month in Miami, Florida – a place he notes as being one where the musical journey began for him in 2011 and now, he has risen to the national and international soca spotlight.

I was a bit surprised when I first heard this song because I had never heard of K Rich before, especially in the genre that is Soca music. It was a pleasant surprise, however. Soca is a genre that if you are going to do it, you MUST do it right because coming out of Trinidad & Tobago is only the best Soca music. The originators of the genre will not be pleased to hear anything less being produced within their shores. I think K Rich has definitely been surrounded by a team of people who not only overstand what Soca music is but also they have found a way for a new artiste to find his space in the genre that is Soca and have added his K Rich flare to the music.

This being K Rich’s first release for his 2013 Carnival repertoire, I think it is a solid one all the same. I could definitely see myself bussing a sweet wine in the dancehall during the Soca segments if and when this tune is played. Word on the scene is that dance troupes and solo dancers alike are creating their own ‘Wine Back’ dance – I am curious and highly interest in seeing what will be the official move.

Please make sure to head on over to iTunes to purchase this single by K Rich. You can also follow K Rich on Twitter to see what new works he has projected to release. He also has a Facebook fan page.

Click the image below to be taken to the official iTunes website for the Wine Back single by K Rich.

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