Tuesday On The Rocks by Kes


With six albums under their belt, this band definitely has a slew of music for you to jam to – especially if you love the sound of live instruments over a riddim. KES the Band was created in 2005 after Kess, the vocalist, decided that he no longer wanted to do cover music tracks – he wanted to create his own original sound. Grouping together his two brothers, Hans and Jon, as well as his best friend Riad Boochoon, the Band was able to go on to make music with international appeal.

Arguably my favorite KES track is Wotless. I am a Soca Junkie among other things but this newest track by KES sweets the reggae lover in me. With it’s ska inspiration, the roots of reggae music can certainly be felt while listening to this riddim. But the modern underlying bounce gives it a present-day vibration. Tuesday On The Rocks is featured on the Gyal Season Riddim. The riddim was produced by Justin ‘Jus Bus’ Nation and ZJ Bambino and I love a fusion track such as this because not only do you know it is inspired by old school vybz but it makes old school vybz new again and younger fans can be introduced to foundation-styled music without disrespecting it saying it’s whack because it does not sound like the releases of today. The hype of today which is in following the Gaza World movement, the loyalty fans have to that ideology has many veterans of the Caribbean music scene angry at those artistes who are promoting ideas and concepts which are not what reggae and dancehall music is based. This riddim gives Ska music fans, fans of lover’s rock reggae, the hope they needed to know that the music we love and hold near to our hearts is not gone to the dark side.

Hot gyal sitting down, twisting my locks” – How true a statement is this for a young man with dreadlocks. I will go on record via this website to inform you that dreadlocks DO sweet me so. My lover man is Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley – I tell you my husband will remind me of him every time I look at him, that is Jah’s will – but I have adopted it as mines too =D. However, the entire membership of KES the Band is very handsome and great looking, if I had to chose a band member that sweets me the most, it would be Kees (bright skin AND dreadlocks = WIN – LOL). As a whole this production has been executed very well, not only does the riddim have a great bounce but the lyrics of this tune are so happy-go-lovely in my opinion. They just make me want to pick up a six-pack of Coronas and Guinness and just lime listening to some great old school music! And I think I shall tonight ;-D

Please make sure to support Kes The Band by purchasing the single from legal music stores; whether online or at a physical location. Also, link your local Caribbean music stations, radio personalities, DJs, Sound Systems, etc, and request this single. Make sure to follow Kes The Band on Twitter to see what new projects are in the works and to hear their latest music. They also has a Facebook fan page.

Click the image below to be taken to the official website for Kes The Band.

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