Touch You by DaVille & Bunji Garlin


It’s the end of August but for islanders summer time never really ends. Soca music is still going strong all year around for true Soca junkies! This latest tune by Da’Ville with Bunji Garlin is wicked still. I am truly a lover of Caribbean music. I do know many people who can only take so much Soca music and only during the summer months. But i&i? I can have a jam session to some sweet Soca music anytime of the year, especially during the winter months. It’s one of those mind over matter things because Atlanta’s winters have been completely different from a ‘Bermuda’ winter!

Bunji Garlin, native of sweet T&T, lends authenticity to this track. In every genre of music, when an artiste tries something new, it is not always done ‘right’ according to true fans – which can mean a whole heap of issues of the artiste. Luckily within the Caribbean music scene, crossing over into Reggae, Dancehall or Soca is relatively easy because each genre has been built off of another or has heavy influence by the other genres.

I featured another single by Da’Ville – Krazy Love – from his album of the same title. Both this single and KL are solid tunes. This new emergence of Da’Ville is one that I sincerely support. I mean I have been a fan of Da’Ville’s since those ‘Always On My Mind‘ days – that was an era of great music to me! I think the latest project by Da’Ville will do very well internationally. Both KL and TY have international potential and I hope that this post can help in that mission.

Production wise – This record is bad! Same way with Bunji Garlin as a Soca artiste and Da’Ville as a dancehall artiste, this mash up is great! I could certainly see this single being played during a pop/techno set in the club or making it’s way on to a ‘end of summer’ mix CD. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Da’Ville and Bunji Garlin with their tune entitled “Touch You”. Be sure to follow Da’Ville on Twitter @Da’VilleMusic to find out when new music is being released from him. He is also on Facebook via his profile – DaVille Thomas. Also, be sure to follow Bunji Garlin on Twitter @BUNJIGARLIN

Feel free to click the single cover below to be taken to the iTunes profile for the Krazy Love album link by Da’Ville.


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