Tonight by Shurwayne Winchester


Although we are moving out of summer into fall, the vybz cyaan done! I personally prefer summer months in these colder ones I tend to overload my ears and listen to loads of Soca music to remind me of the warmer days. Shurwayne Winchester has released his latest single Tonight and I love it. I am a Caribbean music junkie and I can’t say with conviction which genre soley has my heart because they all sweet me in different ways. For me, Soca music just breeds positive vybz even when they lyrics are about a negative topic such as cheating it sounds so sweet that you recognize what a messed up situation cheating on your spouse is but you can’t stop whining. And that is one thing I love about Soca music.

Winchester has been an active soca artiste since 1996, born on the beautiful island of Tobago he has Soca music running through his veins! With hit singles such as The Band Coming and Dead or Alive, Winchester is a known hit maker. A few of my friends, who are avid Soca fans and hail from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, were not impressed too much by the sounds of soca music in 2011 but 2012 saw a resurgence to them in the quality of soca music. With that 2013 is looking promising as well. Music for next year’s Carnival season have begun to be released and you can judge for yourself with Soca music is evolving for the better.

In this particular single, Winchester takes us in to a fete where sweet, wicked and WOTLESS whines are being pushed back on the gentlemen. A usual occurrence within a true Caribbean party, if there are guys dancing alone or with each other performing dance routines and women are bubbling upon the cool air behind them – well my friend that is NOT a true party with Caribbean nationals. I’m sorry but you have been fooled. Caribbean massives do not entire a dancehall, fete or session just to dance with themselves, their girlfriends, their home boys and stare at the opposite sex hoping to dance with each other. NOPE. We actually go to have a good time, interacting with each other. Whether a girl is dancing on her close guy friend, her boyfriend, husband, man for the night – she went to that party with intentions. Take heed to the lyrics Winchester sings in this record because if you think about the last party you went to and as a man, if NO female was dancing on you but you were performing line dances with your guys friends – THAT party was not Caribbean motivated. Ladies, if you went to a session and refused every guy that came up to do a dance just because, well I think your West Indian status is under review.

It’s one thing to not want to dance with someone because you came out with your significant other and just want to dance with him or as a male you like skipping to ya lou with ya boys; yes that is fine! But if throughout the entire night you did not dance with the opposite sex for more than one riddim mix, you should probably just have a party at your house and vyb there. But nonetheless, I do hope you enjoyed the sounds of Shurwayne Winchester and will add this track to your Carnival Music 2013 playlist. I already have =D

Please make sure to support Shurwayne by purchasing the single from legal music stores; it is available on iTunes right now. Start linking your local Caribbean music stations, radio personalities, DJs, Sound Systems, etc, and request this single. Make sure to follow Shurwayne Winchester on Twitter to see what new projects are in the works and to hear his latest music for Carnival 2013. He also has a Facebook fan page.

Click the image below to be taken to iTunes online where you can purchase this single.

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