The Boss by Konshens ft. Natel


Now you all KNOW I love me some Natel. He is one of my husbands – but I have yet to do a review of my boyfriend Konshens! JAH KNOW THAT KING RIGHT THERE! #sweetsme – I can honestly say that I truly do enjoy listening to Konshens’ music. He usually records tracks on some great bubbling riddims and he can still voice over a smooth version, same way – and I’m swooned!

This particular song to me is OLD. Literally, I first received it in 2010 – October and I honestly never gave it a fair chance. I was probably so caught up in making sure my music library had all of the newest music daily that some really good records got passed over. This one being one of them. Earlier in the summer, the shuffle option on my iPod cued up this record & I was SOLD. I literally said out loud ‘Why am I just hearing this record?‘ – when I realized how long I had it I think I sent Natel a bbm and gave him props for the record. I even said to him I felt bad for just hearing it to give him props. He informed me that the record didn’t get as much publicity and promotion as other singles, which made sense for me not hearing it very often.

But as you know, I pride myself in being of those people who has ALL the latest music and who can be your go-to-lady for ALL things reggae and dancehall music related. With that in mind, I definitely felt it was my duty to feature ‘The Boss‘ by Konshens & Natel. Besides my being a fan of both artistes, I truly think this is a wicked tune for ladies. Lots of people today like to call themselves a boss – some literally, while others do it figuratively. No matter which way you do it ladies, if you feel you are an independent lady, who does things for herself, not depending on anyone to take of you – this song is for you.

Now, please do not get this record twisted. This is not one for us ladies to run with saying we do not need a significant other BUT it is one that I feel appreciates the independence of women and celebrates our strength. I think women often times feel as though we are not truly recognized for the little things we do for people – it’s that caring nature that most women have that causes them to do things just because, with no ulterior motive or looking for reward at the end of it.

Production wise – This record is my anthem! Despite it’s not receiving too much promotion, I do hope you will head over to iTunes and purchase a copy of this single – if you do not have it in your library yet. Fellas: you can play this record for your lady to let her know that despite it all, you still think of her as that strong woman who had  you falling in like/love. Ladies: play this at some point during the day to remind yourself that YOU ARE AMAZING! I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Konshens and Natel with their tune entitled ‘The Boss’. Be sure to follow Konshens on Twitter @KonshenSojah to find out when new music is being released from him. He is also has a Facebook ‘friend’ page but he has too many friends to accept new ones – so you can Like him via – Konshens. Also, be sure to follow Natel on Twitter @NatelMusic

Feel free to click the single cover below to be taken to the iTunes profile for the ‘The Boss‘ single link by Konshens and Natel.

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