Suspended by Love by Toi


It’s pretty easy for me to support great music, honestly it is. You could say that I have an ear for good music. When I truly support an artiste and their music I do pretty much anything I can to bring attention to them, in a positive manner that is. I must say that I do not ‘publicize’ the music that I enjoy with ulterior motives or intentions. I do know that in the Entertainment industry, and the music industry more specifically, there are people who get behind a project or an artist just for the hype, the money, or whatever it is they value. Personally, that is not I&I. Since before my current laptop, I have owned an extensive amount of music which stems from my mum’s musical collection and then eventually developing my own. I truly do love music – I am particularly obsessed with Caribbean music =D.

This feature is dedicated to the single by Toi on the Bliss Riddim which was produced by Calibur Ent entitled ‘Suspended by Love‘. I’ve been lowkey obsessed with Toi since I first heard her on a song with Chevaughn – ‘You Are My Baby’ – I was actually watching the music video for the tune and immediately fell in love with Toi’s voice. She has such a beautiful voice and almost every time I listen to her sing on a track, I get chills. She doesn’t has the biggest, most powerful voice in the industry but it’s the softest of her voice and the bounce when she sings over a riddim that truly make her voice as beautiful to the ears as she is to look at.

‘Suspended by Love’ – lyrical is a masterpiece. The opening line of the hook “You’re taking me high” is really all you need in a great love song, to play on the romantic emotions of the listener. Love or Belonging is the third of Maslow’ Hierarchy of Needs and any great songwriter talking about love should understand that and be able to convey that emotion effortless. Toi has done a great job of taking a situation where a young girl finds herself ‘head over heels’ in love with a guy but she cannot explain it. The only thing the young woman of this song can say is that she is suspended by his love, which is a cool metaphor for the feeling of being in love. It’s as if the young girl is floating. She is probably floating off to Cloud 9 – because that regarded as a state of bliss for those in love.

This provides a great movement into the production of this record. Calibur Ent is great at what he does. I’ve been following his production credits for sometime now but I think I am by far most impressed by the production of the Bliss Riddim. There is a sweet vyb that ensues when I listen to the Bliss riddim in its entirety. Toi’s record was the first I heard off the production and I was immediately sold on the potential success of this riddim. Some may say that the riddim doesn’t have a classic one drop feel and I am personally okay with that. Not all lover’s rock tunes have to ride over a typical one drop styled riddim. I do not know the exact effect used, but there is a slight ‘crashing of cymbals’ effect (I think) that occurs every 8 counts or so and I swear I catch myself zoning out and just listening to the riddim in the background on a meditation flow.

Overall, I must express my sincere support of the production of this record as well as the composition of the lyrics. There is so much great talent currently in and also outside of the Caribbean being showcased by natives. I’m an advocate for #teamBDA (because I am from Bermuda, of course) but I truly believe this is a #teamREGGAE #teamDANCEHALL #teamCARIBBEAN movement. So as I continue to support the genre of music that I am in love with, I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Toi on the Bliss Riddim with her tune entitled ‘Suspended By Love’. You can listen to it on YouTube as well – Suspended by Love on YouTube. Be sure to follow Toi on Twitter @TOImuzik to find out when new music is being released from her for your listening pleasures. Also, be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel for her Vlog where she keeps her fans updated on when she has new music in the making…

Feel free to click the single cover below to be taken to the Official Dre website.


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