Rum Days, Vodka Nights by Dré


I think it is pretty safe for me to say that I am cool with everyone on the #DreggaeMusic team now =D. It was relatively easy to support an artiste and his team that are consistently putting out quality work though. Previously, I featured Dré’s music video for “Grand Piano Hustle” and it has received over 7,000 views (I’d like to think I played a small part in that =D). When you have talent and are willing to work on your craft, the way Dré does – it’s a matter of time before people start to consistently follow you and support your movement. The latest release from Dré and the Dreggae Music team is “Rum Days, Vodka Nights” which is on the 50 Shades of Dré compilation and is a part of the Country Run Riddim produced by Kritikal Productions (Terro 3K and Jamar Thelwell). I personally got an exclusive listen of the tune during Dré’s interview earlier this year in April on the Dancehall Now show, which I cohost with Super PEC and Kahlil Wonda of Highlanda Sound System.

I must admit I am not from Jamaica and some of the references Dré makes in this song I cannot relate to BUT it makes me want to go to Jamaica on the next flight out Miami as soon as possible to get educated (LOL). Personally, I think the entire sound of the song is perfect for the summer time. Who doesn’t love a song that talks about liquor and partying near the ocean? I guess if you’re not from an Island or have never visited one, you may not have any appreciate for such lyrics! But I, Terri K, sincerely love these lyrics. I’m a bit homesick – missing summer beach parties in Bermuda – but “RD, VN” definitely reminds me of many a beach parties at Horseshoe Bay enjoying sweet vybz and sipping a few alcoholic beverages.

RD, VN” starts off pretty sweet to me as the love interest of Dré is asking him to spend sometime saying “I ready for a vacation – I wanna drink some Rum & Redbull – On di beach – Get drunk.” I can’t even front cause it be like this at times, all you want to do is just chill with your boo-thang, boyfriend, husband (vice versa for males) and just sip on something mixed and  bill a vyb. (Like how I put that in there ay? LOL. I’m not even sure if that’s the right spelling!)

Production wise – this tune is mixed, mastered & crafted perfectly. The hook is by far the most addictive thing on the record, as it should be! When you as a fan are talking to a friend asking them about a song – 9 times out of 10 – you reference the hook before anything else. So a good hook is mandatory on a great record and Dré achieved that on this one. If you are a first time listener to reggae/dancehall music – do not be alarmed if you are listening and do not understand the importance of certain references. Tends to happen when someone speaks of their homeland and you’re not from there, you may get lost in translation. I’d suggest continue listening to reggae and dancehall, it will all my sense in time my lovely reader! But for those of you from Jamaica, been to Jamaica or who just get the references – ON POINT AY? Yeah, I though so too. (Not that I’ve ever been but no matter, I understand darned it. LOL)

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Dré on the Country Riddim with his tune entitled “Rum Days, Vodka Nights”. You can listen to it on YouTube as well – RDVN on YouTube. Be sure to follow Dré on Twitter @dreggaemusic to find out when new music is being released from him and when 50 Shades of Dré will be available for your listening pleasures! I’ll definitely have a review for that soon as I get my copy, so you can always check back here as well!

Feel free to click the single cover below to be taken to the Official Dre website.


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