Nuh Fren Again by Khago


Ok. So I featured a single by Khago not too long ago but I actually meant to feature this single first because I fell in love with it when I first heard the Buss Off riddim and had it on my list for a while to feature. I am finally getting around to this single! Now first let me say – I am a fan of Khago’s – now that you know and that is out of the way I can proceed with my objective feature of this single.

The first lyric of this single sweets “see what friend did to Gargamel, see what friend did to Teacha” – now I will admit, I honestly thought Khago was referring to the fictional character from the Smurfs cartoon. (Shows you what decade I grew up in and where my mind set was, right? LOL) But I reasoned Khago could not possibly be talking about the Smurfs in this song. Mind you, I wouldn’t have apposed if he was but since he mention Kartel afterwards I figured he had to be referring to another artiste. I was informed that Buju Baton is affectionately referred to as Gargamel in the industry and with that information, sense was made. In both instances, each artistes has had their battles with Babylon ways of life as both are currently incarcerated. I do not plan to go into much detail about why each is incarcerated, as that’s not the focus of this feature.

But I think their legal woes set up this single quite nicely as Khago recites that he would chose jail over being in the cemetery, which is definitely a line that many people would agree with. Death over dishonor is mantra that many loyalist folks live by. Sure it may seem extreme to some, but I completely overstand the reasoning behind it. It is actually quite simple. The only thing you have in the life to offer someone is your word; it is the one thing that if you keep to your word people will respect you for. I think it is slightly magnified in the music industry because there are definitely people out there who act in negative, bad mind ways and who have no problem taking advantage of a person who is genuinely nice.

As far as the production of this riddim, I have stated but I reiterate how much I LOVE this riddim. The bounce on it is sweet, it is not so overpowering that you cannot hear what Khago is saying but it is smooth enough that you can vyb to the riddim and the lyrics all the same.

Please make sure to head on over to iTunes to purchase the Buss Off Riddim produced by Half A Moon Records. You can also follow Khago on Twitter to see what new works he has projected to release.

Click the image below to be taken to the official iTunes website for the Buss Off Riddim.

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