My Prayer (Save The World) by Zaid


I was asked recently if the music I feature on my site is because I have something personal for or against certain artistes and let me just say that I feature music on this website, which by the way is mines, that I rate. I don’t feature these songs to because I know an artiste will retweet the promotions for the feature, I genuinely love Caribbean music and this is my giving back to a culture that has given me so much and continues to give me – peace of mind in trying times.

So with that disclaimer out of the way ON TO THE REVIEW/FEATURE. I decided to stop calling this section a review section because the ultimate reason behind this section is to feature music by Caribbean artiste, old & new, known & unknown, and whomever in between. This particular song is performed from a young gentleman I met back in late 2011. It was one of those chance meetings spawned from knowing someone who had a gig to do and invited me to tag along, my love for music will cause me to never turn down an event where music is the main focus. From that meeting I found out that Zaid was actually a music producer/artiste/song writer/everything MUSIC man!

I think it is a very special situation when a young person is able to talk about topics that older folks thinks this generation does not care about or pay attention too. The generalization that this generation is so caught up in reality TV, the ideology of a public figures image and anything & everything else that is not meaningful is a rather hurtful one. I think that for Zaid to envision and create such a production as “My Prayer” definitely lets those in the Caribbean music world as much as we as a generation love to have fun by partying and relaxing with friends that we do still have meaningful conversations and do plan how we can do something to make an impact on this world positively.

Production wise – As an entire body of work this single is amazing. I’ve heard Zaid works before on the BlackFyah Productions website and have rated them same way. But this one truly touches me on a difference level and space. I salute Zaid for all he has done so far musically and all he will do in the future. I’m glad to be able to say I know Zaid and I truly do support his movement. Personal bias, maybe but he is talented same way.

Please make sure to head on over to the BlackFyah Productions website and give a listen to other works produced by Zaid and his team. You can also follow him on Twitter to see what new works he has projected to release and just let him know what you think of his music.

Click the image below to be taken to the BlackFyah Productions website.

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