Move Along by Kei Dubb


As you know, I love to feature new Caribbean music on this website. You have probably seen multiple reviews and posts featuring reggae/dancehall artiste Dre based here in Atlanta, GA. He sent me the link to ‘Move Along‘ by Kei Dubb and suggested I give it a listen, which I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the record!

The message of the tune is solid. A very powerful message for women, and men, who think that their current love is the only love they can ever have. People tend to get roped into believing that certain relationships are going to always remain that way, and that there is nothing different out there so why bother trying to find something better. That is some crazy thinking right there, if you ask me! I think everyone at some point or another may have gotten to a point where they cannot see passed what is right in front of their face. Live in the present is a mantra I am starting to live by and carry with me daily – but if your present has toxic relationships in it – by ALL means get out of it, think of your future and move along…

There’s nothing written that says you have to suffer through hardships for which you have control over. A man or a woman should never have the final say in what it is you do with your life. If you are not happy in love, end the relationship. If you are looking for something more meaningful and you are not getting it in your current relationship, end the relationship.

Production wise – This record has a sweet vyb to it. I love the smooth reggae vyb which makes listening to the lyrics all the more easier. I truly think that the message of this song is one that should be heard by everyone and internalized. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Kei Dubb with her tune entitled “Move Along”. Be sure to follow Kei Dubb on Twitter @KeiDubb to find out when new music is being released from her.

Feel free to click the single cover below to be taken to Kei Dubb’s website.


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