More Money by I-Octane


5 years into the music business and I-Octane has a lot of great music for listeners to choose from. One of my personal favorites is L.O.V.E Y.O.U – the sweet reggae vybz of I-Octane are dually noted whenever a new single is released from him. Having found his talent at a very young age and honing on his skills around legends Buju Banton and Tony Rebel, it comes as no surprise just has unique of a sound I-Octane has. After spending 4 years signed to Arrows Recording Company, I-Octane is now an independent artiste. An artiste, who battled with himself to decide whether the music industry was going to be where he made earned an income. Born Byiome Muir, I-Octane found that he did very well academically in the sciences and architecture and had plans to become an architecture. He ultimately decided music was the option for him. And I am personally glad he decided to bless us with great musical tracks.

Rude Bwoys. Rude Gyals. Consider to be nuisances to the system but for those who live in the ghettos know that these people are far from nuisances they just have chosen not to align with babylon ways. “Ah more money for di slum dem” – a powerful lyric that I-Octane introduces within the first verse. Society tells those with little income to continue to live within the system and the system will take care of them via their elected government yet nothing changes. Try to encourage the youth to stay on the positive path, let Jah guide your steps, yet Babylon antics always see to find there way into our lives. I believe the message of this song is not only speaking for those who are struggling in Jamaica but as a plea to politicians in Government to stop focusing on their personal political agenda and to do what it is they promised they would do during election time.

No matter where you are from around the world, politicians have many similarities. They talk a great game but once in office a different story is told. I am not here to bash politicians because I like to think that there are politicians in office who actually do what to make changes for the greater good of a country but when competing with members who do not wish to make those changes, the struggle arises.

This song reminds me that there is a young girl or boy out there who needs me. What she or he needs me for, I don’t know. How I will achieve, again I don’t know. But I know that there is a far greater purpose to my life than I can see presently. This song definitely should be added to your inspirational playlist and thought of as a plea for you personally… Yes I-Octane speaks of politicians but I think underlying you can place yourself into the lyrics and realize that your purpose is far greater than yourself individually. (What a slightly deep way to end this feature, I must say.)

Please make sure to support I-Octane by purchasing the single from legal music stores; whether online or at a physical location. Be sure to link your local Caribbean music stations, radio personalities, DJs, Sound Systems, etc, and request this single. Follow I-Octane on Twitter to see what new projects are in the works and to hear his latest music. He also has a Facebook fan page.

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