Love Me 2 by Laza Morgan


Musical Royalty is usual a title given to those who have been in the industry for a sustainable amount of time. For a family to be consider musical royalty – there is usually more than one member of the family actively making great music. One member of the family is needed to bring international accolade to the family name and the descendants just have to carry the standard that was put forth by their elder family member. Within the reggae music scene the most notable of these types of families is the Marley Family – if you do not know who Robert Nesta Marley is (known as Bob Marley but affectionately known to me as Uncle Bob) I need you to go to Wikipedia REAL quick and educate yourself before you dare read the rest of this post. If you do not have the foundation of a topic, it is very hard for you to understand the compound topics that build from such a foundation.

Now for those of you who have that prior knowledge (or whom educated yourselves real quickly) you understand what the first public figure member of a family and the pioneer role that person took/played. There is such another figure within the reggae world and he is Denroy Morgan. He is a Jamaican reggae artiste who found his success in the United States in 1984 when he signed to RCA Records as their first reggae artiste and released his album – Make My Day. Additionally, prior to his solo reggae music career, Denroy formed a band in 1974 with Devon “Igo Levi” Foster and Llewellyn “Jah T” Breadwood known as the Black Eagles.

But many of today’s reggae fan do not know of the initial history of the Morgan Family – many of us know of Morgan Heritage which is formed by five of Denroy’s children and is one of two groups formed by Denroy’s children. The second being LMS which is currently inactive as the members are pursuing personal solo careers or have since left the music industry. Since 1994, Morgan Heritage has been active and create great reggae music. I must confess when I first heard Morgan Heritage’s music as an uneducated reggae fan – I sincerely thought the group was a solo artiste. It wasn’t until I did some research that I realized it was a group of five artistes, to much surprise indeed. With such an influence as that of the Marley family has on the reggae world, the Morgan family has too been able to create great music that is loved by many reggae fans all over the world. Having released such acclaimed albums as Protect Us Jah, One Calling and Don’t Haffi Dread.

However, this post focuses on a former member of LMS (the second group formed by children of Denroy Morgan), that is Otiyah Morgan professionally known as Laza Morgan. For modern dancehall fans, Laza’s association with success came with his single ‘One by One’ which features the Gully Gaad – Mavado! However, Laza has received mainstream success with his single ‘That Girl’ as it was featured on Disney’s Step Up 3D. I received Laza’s latest single – ‘Love Me 2‘ in an email last week and had to feature it on the site. I do not know what it is about Laza’s style of music but it sweets me! Probably because he talks about relationships and I am a sucker for a good relationship record. It’s a solid record in which Laza explains his love of his ‘girlfriend’ and how to him it doesn’t matter if others approve because he knows that if they felt the love he was giving his girlfriend that would love him too – hence love me 2! For me it isn’t the typical ‘I love you girl’ love song, which I can respect because sometimes it what is said about other aspects of the relationship that matter more.

Production wise – the sound of the record is very well put together. Laza drops some deejaying skills in the third verse which I think was pretty cool. He is most known for his singjay style which was featured in ‘One by One’ and the majority of this record ‘Love Me 2’. The beat is also well done. I know when I think of a lover’s rock tune in reggae it is most certain a much more mellow record. Although this version, isn’t your typical reggae/dancehall style beat – it is very much like the production done for ‘One by One’. It would be considered to be crossover, more pop influenced than Caribbean but it is a great record, same way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Laza Morgan‘s tune entitled ‘Love Me 2’. You can catch the behind the scenes video for the official music video on YouTube as well – Love Me 2 on YouTube. Be sure to follow Laza Morgan on Twitter @laza007 to find out when new music is being released from him!

Feel free to click the mixtape cover for ‘Be Forever Young‘ below to be taken to the Official Video for ‘Love Me 2’.


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