Lights Low by Dré


I’ve seen the teaser lyrics on Twitter for weeks now and finally on October 3, 2012 – Dré’s first single released on iTunes was this one, Lights Low. The single cover is beyond dope to me! Every time I get a new single from Dré before I even listen to the track I give the visuals a deep gander because the entire movement behind Dré is professional. His team pays very close attention to the detail of the audio and the visuals. I truly commend his team on that because as much as talent is important how the artiste is presented to the world is just as important.

I won’t lie; whenever I sit down to write a feature I am a usually politically correct in my objectivity. I do think of my readers when I write these, as I do not want to offend anyone on a personal level, because that is not my intention but this is my space, my features, my opinions and thoughts. Feel free to challenge me via the comments or by sending me an email or even reaching out on Twitter! With that said this is like my fifth or sixth feature of Dré (I haven’t even been keeping track, you probably know the exact number of reviews/features though) and I lowkey think I have praised him so much that you all are probably looking for me to bash him or having one thing I dislike about his music. I do apologize if you were searching for such a feature because that is not going to happen in this review.

I say that because although I have featured Dré many times and I would consider him to be a personal friend of mines, I do not write these features thinking that if Dré reads it, I need to make sure it’s a positive one – because then I wouldn’t consider myself to be a true friend. I write these reviews as nothing more and nothing less than a fan. Above everything else that I do for and with Caribbean culture and music, it is an admirer of those who create works for fans, such as myself to fulljoy.

This single by Dré is my latest obsession. Personally, my favorite line is when Dré says he wants a girl to move to his tracks! #Thrive – if you don’t follow myself or Dré on Twitter you may not know where that spawned from but consider it an insider. LOL. This is my Turn On The Lights of the Caribbean. Everything in this track Dré is talking about all islanders should be familiar with and consider to be apart of the culture that we all love, well most of love anyways.

Please make sure to head on over to iTunes to purchase this single by Dré. You can also follow Dré on Twitter to see what new works he has projected to release. He also has a Facebook fan page. This track was produced by @EnotsyekInc and is on the 2 Night Stand Riddim. Be sure to check out Dré’s official website for the latest news in relation to Dré.

Click the image below to be taken to the official iTunes website for the Lights Low single by Dré.

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