Krazy Love by DaVille


From those ‘Always On My Mind‘ days Da’Ville has been an artiste I have been a fan of. I just loved his sound back in 2007 when I first heard that record and I have enjoyed listening to his sound develop over the years. There have been subtle changes in his sound since 2007 but they are all for the better. Sometimes an artiste gets stuck in doing the same type of music, sounding the exact same but there is no fresh element to their current sound which would encourage new fans to support the artiste or sustain older fans to stick around for the long haul. Da’Ville has managed to continue to produce and release new music since 2007 while adding and/or removing elements of his vocals to show what he can achieve.

When he was featured on the Dancehall Now show on July 10, 2012; Da’Ville had recently released his new single and album of the same title, Krazy Love. It was great timing for him to be on the show as the audience would be getting to hear the new music from Da’Ville that was also available for their downloading and listening pleasures. The project, Krazy Love, features no one’s vocals but Da’Ville. He stated that he wanted to let his fans see what he had been working on as far as the album was concerned and he wanted them to hear his sound, not that he did not wish to work with any other artistes – on this particular project it was solely about Da’Ville and his sound. I have been able to listen to the album in its entirety and it is definitely worth purchasing and adding to your reggae collection. The reggae music industry as a whole suffers tremendously from piracy and illegal downloading, which causes artistes and their management teams to work harder to continue to build their brands. Please make sure  you purchase this single and album via iTunes or Amazon or in your local music store!

This tune sweets me, though! The beat is not your typical dancehall/reggae styled beat, it does have elements that found in such a record such as a distinct bassline but I still love record same way. If you find yourself singing the hook soon after the record has finished playing, then it is safe to say that lyrically this record has checked ‘catchy’ off of the list of must-have elements. Da’Ville talks about a relationship which outsiders doubt will ever work out because their love is ‘krazy’ and that can be said to be true about many romantic relationships. There is always one person who may just never understand why Lady X and Guy Z are together but for the two of them it is perfection, heaven on earth – including the flaws! Honestly, if you’re in one of these ‘krazy love’ relationships truly listen to these lyrics. At no point should anyone tell you that your feelings are not normal because the love that you have for your significant other is just crazy. No one needs to understand why you two can argue over something so trivial and laugh about it 10 minutes later as if nothing happen aside from yourself and your partner. If you’re not willing to stick with your partner through the good times and bad because someone told you what you do in your relationship is not right, ask him/her the last time he/she felt butterflies in his/her belly just at the thought of their lover. If they cannot give you a date, disregard any advice they give you about your ‘krazy love’. It’s that simple!

Now, I can appreciate a sweet lover’s rock tune over a more uptempo beat than that of a one drop riddim. This new Da’Ville sound is one that I can truly rock with and support. Change is definitely good within the music industry for me, because reinvention can foster much more creativity than locking yourself in a box and only doing things a certain.

Production wise – this entire project sounds great to me! I truly love this new sound by Da’Ville and I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Da’Ville with his tune entitled ‘Krazy Love’. Be sure to follow Da’Ville on Twitter @DaVilleMusic to find out when new music is being released from him.

Feel free to click the album cover for ‘Krazy Love’ below to be taken to the Official iTunes purchase page.


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