Jehovah by T’Nez


A young star in the Caribbean music scene, there is not a lot of biographically information about T’Nez as his career continues to flourish and yet his body of work speaks for itself. This young man has a way with words and a sweet sounding voice to go along with it. I truly love listening to T’Nez on a track because if you hear him deejay over the riddim for a few words he has a deep voice but my Jah when he sings ever so sweetly, the words just flow through your. A have a few songs from the T’Nez catalogue and those songs are solid in their own rights, such as Destiny and Mi Bredda Dem.

I was introduced to this single a few weeks ago and I instantly fellow in love with the riddim. As much as we love to advocate positive lyrics and vibrations, we cannot help but ignore a riddim with a great bounce! This track definitely is voiced over such a riddim. Lyrically, T’Nez speaks of a idea not so uncommon within reggae music: badmind people and calling on Jah watch over mankind as a whole and himself  individually. I love a great dancehall tune all the same but a smooth reggae tune gets you through those tough times, when it seems that no matter what badmind ways seem to keep you down. I think this song brings out the message that no matter how people act towards you or in the world, you can always call upon Jah Jah to ease your spirit and mind. To keep you moving towards greatness.

As a newer artiste, T’Nez is definitely going against the grain and not following the hype of the Caribbean music scene by releasing music which will only receive radio play during the present music scene and once the hype has evolved in to another musical fad so dies much of the recent releases of 2012. This particular song by T’Nez can stand the test of musical time, there will come a time when it will not be as popular and mainstream but that is how this music business works but I think on substance along fans will keep this track in their musical library and on their inspirational playlists as no matter how much time past, there will always come a time when we need some uplifting.

Blackspyda Productions has had a great year so far, in my opinion. With plenty great releases by Aidonia which were produced by Blackspyda, I definitely think this production team is setting themselves up to continue their good music well into 2013 and beyond.

Please make sure to support T’Nez by purchasing the single from legal music stores; it is available on iTunes right now. Be sure to link your local Caribbean music stations, radio personalities, DJs, Sound Systems, etc, and request this single. Make sure to follow T’Nez on Twitter to see what new projects are in the works and to hear his latest music. He also has a Facebook fan page.

Click the image below to be taken to iTunes online where you can purchase this single.

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