Jah Jah by Khaos ft. Haskelli


If you’ve heard the Chill Spot riddim, you have pretty good idea the vybz that bill off from that riddim. Every single produced on that riddim is a big chune! Most people are familiar with Christopher Martin’s single of the same name – ‘Chill Spot’. There is no denying that Chimney Records created a great piece of one drop vibrations. A good one drop riddim usually features lyrical content that is very meaningful – not saying that you couldn’t talk about superficial things over such a riddim but you wouldn’t get much respect from me. I had to break that from being a generalization in case one of you readers disagreed =P.

Really and truly when you think of Reggae music you associate it more with lover’s rock lyrics or socially conscious ones. The songs featured on the riddim have great messages in them – from C. Martin telling us about those places we go to when life seems to be more than we can handle at the moment to Cecile telling us to watch for the badmind people even to Tarrus Riley letting us know that he will wait a lifetime to find his Queen. All tunes that should provoke you mentally to reevaluate somethings in your life. The latest addition of lyrics to ride over the Chill Spot riddim were written by an upcoming artiste in the industry known as Khaos.

At 21 years old, Khaos has been able to show that lyrically he can write just about any type of song. I first heard Khaos on his tune with Toi entitled ‘If God Was Like Man‘ which asks the question of how we act if we knew that Jah was living on earth with us in the same form as us, as man. Every time I listen to that song I get chills and I say a little something to Jah because I too find myself living myself retroactively, only calling on Jah when I think I need him and going about my life on my own when I don’t. In this tune ‘Jah Jah‘, Khaos hones in own his lyrical skills to write another record similar to the one with Toi. However, this time he is calling on Jah not to leave him alone because he knows that this world is not as pure or as clean as Jah and His love.

Personally, when I listen to reggae music that talks about Rastafari or Jah I am compelled to take a moment to look at my life and think of ways I can improve myself spiritually. I’m not saying that you should get the urge to want to be super spiritual when you listen to this song or a song with similar lyrical content. However, I do challenge you to take a moment and truly listen to these lyrics and find that part of you that you know feels the way Khaos feels in these lyrics. If you’re seeking a spiritual enlightenment or just want to continue to grow spiritually when you do that exercise you will understand why I asked you to do that.

Production wise – this is a great sounding tune. Aside from talking about the riddim, I think this tune is very well mixed and as a whole the single has a great sound. The featured artiste Haskelli sounds great on the record as well. The two together sound really good on the record as a duo. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Khaos on the Chill Spot Riddim with his tune entitled “Jah Jah”. You can watch the official music video via YouTube – Jah Jah on YouTube. Be sure to follow Khaos on Twitter @Khaos_Music to find out when new music is being released from him. Also, be sure to follow Haskelli on Twitter as well via @ItzHaskelli.

Feel free to click the promo picture of Khaos below to be taken to the Official Video for ‘Jah Jah’.


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