In My Bed by Voicemail ft. Jordanne Patrice


If you are as educated in the Caribbean music industry as I, you know about Voicemail. They are most known for their single ‘Wacky Dip‘ – which has a dance move that goes along with it in remembrance of Mr. Wacky. Wikipedia lists the trio as a ‘dancehall reggae fusion’ group. I suppose that is an accurate definition of their style of music, I prefer to just list them as dancehall artistes. Tragedy struck the group in 2010 as one member, O’Neil Edwards was robbed and shot multiple times at his home in Jamaica. Since then, one of the gunmen was found dead and the other was captured in the wake of the assault which led to the eventual passing of Edwards. Voicemail released a single ‘One Life to Live‘ during Edwards’ battle to stay alive but ultimately he left this earth on May 26, 2010.

I did not write this post to bring solemn and sad feelings unto you, so I say Rest In Paradise to O’Neil Edwards and I pray he is looking down on his two group members, Craig Jackson and Kevin Blaire, inspiring them to make great music.

This is the perfect time for me to transition to the main reason for this latest review. Jordanne Patrice reached out to me in reference to this single and I had all intentions of doing a review even before she contacted me, as I have an ever growing list of singles I plan to review. However, when I did receive her message, I made certain to push this tune to the top of the list. I think it is extremely cool when an artiste to reach out to little ole me. You may or may not know this about me but I am extremely humbled and modest when talking with artistes and music industry folks from the Caribbean.

I mean I have been a fan of Voicemail’s since 2003, when they first hit the music scene. I remember high school parties bussin’ di Wacky Dip with D Line (a high school group of friends from The Berkeley Institute back home in Bermuda). They have a major presence on the dancehall scene as far as party/dancer tunes are concerned. I swear when I hear Craig’s voice on a riddim, I am expecting to be able to Wacky Dip, Willy Bounce (I actually had to do the dance while I tried to remember the name, LOL) and Scooby Doo, among other dances of course. Alternatively, I first heard a tune by Jordanne Patrice on the Drink & Party Riddim. It was entitled ‘Ready When Yuh Ready‘ – I was pushing HARD for that riddim to get some club play in Atlanta. I don’t even think it made it to a party when I was in attendance, but no matter my MacBook – Marie – has played the record enough times to make up for that.

If you are unaware, I support big name artistes almost as much as I push newer artistes. I respect great talent no matter if the rest of the world knows the artiste’s name or not. So when I say I am #teamJP – that is truly what I represent! I am looking forward to seeing what other new music she has in store for the world.

This record for me is the best of Voicemail and Jordanne Patrice. It has that party/dancer vyb that I would expect of a Voicemail tune, but than since JP is featured on the record it has the reggae/singjay feel to it, as well. I love a good “heeeyeee” adlib by Voicemail and this one features it a few times. The hook, for what it is worth, is by far my favourite part of the record. I have caught myself singing it even after the track has long finished playing and all that I have in the background are the sounds of my fingers hitting these keys on my keyboard =D. As a woman, I can truly relate to that feeling of “waiting here by the phone, wishing that you could know what’s going on” [paraphrased]. Not that I am a super emotional person but every once in a while, when true feelings are involved, I can find myself not wanting to be alone. This is a record for both ladies and gentlemen for the simple fact that this is how ladies feel sometimes when we just can’t or won’t express how we are feeling. For the fellas, I imagine it is as simple as once you know the problem, you  will do everything you can to fix it.

Production wise – the beat is beyond wicked to me. I love the elements of both artistes featured on the record, how it feels like it could be a tune performed by either Voicemail or Jordanne Patrice alone. I’m a sucker for sound effects to, I’m in love with DJing – so I good sound effect sweets me! I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Voicemail ft. Jordanne Patrice with their tune entitled ‘In My Bed‘. Be sure to follow Voicemail on Twitter @VOICEMAILMUSIC to find out when new music is being released from them. You can follow Kevin on Twitter via @Kevin_Voicemail and Craig via @itscraigyo. Also, be sure to follow Jordanne Patrice on Twitter via @jordi_patrice. There is more great music to come from each of these artistes so STAY TUNED!

Feel free to click the single cover for ‘In My Bed‘ below to be taken to the Official iTunes purchase page for the single.


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