Herbs Mi Roll Up by Gappy Ranks


Gappy Ranks has been an artiste on the rise for a few years now. Hailing from Harlesden, London, UK of Jamaican and Dominican descent, Gappy Ranks has known many obstacles in life such as homelessness and police run ins after his decision to leave school. These issues put a damper on Ranks’ music career which had to take a back seat in light of this. But Ranks soon enlisted the assistance of radio stations such as Unique FM and began to spend much of his time in the studio honing and perfecting his craft in 2009/2010.

Which leads us into 2012, when Gappy released his latest EP entitled Cookies. The EP consisted of 6 tracks performed by Gappy Ranks, including ‘Herbs Mi Roll Up‘. Honestly, I will say this single is a pretty solid track. Most outsiders looking into Caribbean culture, and its music, tend to associate both with ganja (marijuana). Depending on your stance on the subject, it can be a positive association or a negative one. For Gappy Ranks, this is certainly a positive one. Ranks sings that he is an herbalist for life.

Production wise – This record is solid! We did premier this on the Dancehall Now radio show on DaFlavaRadio earlier this year. I have not seen it getting too much airplay since then. So I do hope this review/feature motivates you to head over to iTunes and add this track to your purchased list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Gappy Ranks with his tune entitled ‘Herbs Mi Roll Up‘. Be sure to follow Gappy Ranks on Twitter @GAPPYRANKS to find out when new music is being released from him. He is also has a Facebook fan page so you can Like him via – Gappy Ranks.

Feel free to click the EP cover below to be taken to the iTunes profile for the ‘Cookies’ EP link which has ‘Herbs Mi Roll Up’ by Gappy Ranks.

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