Greenlight by Khago


Skywalker! I had the great pleasure of witnessing Khago perform live in Atlanta last month, September 1st, 2012 and I tell ya I am beyond glad I chose to go to the concert instead of stay in the Club that night. It’s not very often that reggae artiste are featured in Atlanta and when Khago will be back in Atlanta – I HAVE NO CLUE. So I took advantage of living the present for a concert that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Now, one thing Khago did that was rather confusing was when he got HYPE he was dash off stage leaving me and my ace girl to wonder was he finished or not? I think twice he did this and both times he was NOT done. Personally, I was glad because the hype was over  BIG chune that I loved. I am pretty sure I sang along when Khago performed ‘Tun Up Di Ting’ off the Overproof Riddim. That is BY FAR my favorite Khago record. I had the pleasure of receiving a mixtape which featured a slew of tunes by Khago, some I had heard before and a few were new to me. Of those new ones, Greenlight was. I instantly feel in love with this record. It could be the semi-pop/dubstep/house vyb I hear on the riddim.

I am a true supporter of music evolving. There will always be the original sound of reggae and dancehall music but I truly respect Khago and the Downsound Records team for this version. It’s sweet in a nonconventional Caribbean music way. I LOVE IT.

This is my fan moment. I absolutely love Khago’s voice. It’s a different kind of singjay voice. Live it’s great. On wax it’s amazing. #swooned

The lyrics of this tune sweet me so. I think the overall concept of the song’s story is really good. I don’t know if Khago is speaking of a specific young lady giving him the greenlight but nonetheless he has the greenlight to go ahead and do whatever he wants to her. I will say I’d definitely go ahead and play this for a significant other because in case he didn’t know – he would have the greenlight after this song has been played. Ladies: if you have gentleman you are looking to give the access pass to, this tune will definitely let him know anything you have not yet said but want to say. And if you do not wish to give him the greenlight, I’d say hold off from playing such a tune for him. No point in saying you give your male friend that ‘go ahead’ only for him to be ready and you shut him down. BIG NO-NO!

Production wise – This record is mad! I’m all in love with the style of the riddim, the overall sound of the record is solid. I cannot wait to see what this tune does on local charts in the Caribbean as well as on the International music scene!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Khago with his tune entitled ‘Greenlight‘. Be sure to follow Khago on Twitter @IAmKhago to find out when new music is being released from him. He is also has a Facebook fan page so you can Like him via – Khago Music.

Feel free to click the single cover below to be taken to the Official Khago profile on iTunes where you can legally purchase Khago’s singles.

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