Come Right Back (Remix) by MasSicker ft. Jemere Morgan


As a great Twitta Wifey – I must always show support to my Hubby MasSicker =D. Honestly, when I was first introduced to MasSicker’s music at the station I was taken aback. The first record I heard was ‘One Wish’ and when I tell you I fell in love with the voice of MasSicker, I most certainly did that. I was swooned and I had never met the artiste known as King Mas. But to my great surprise the Friday following that show’s airing MasSicker was scheduled to host the Cheers party series at Sheba Lounge in Atlanta and I would be able to meet my Twitta Hubby in person and possibly get serenaded. I was elated to say the least. It’s not every day that a little ole Spelmanite from Bermuda who’s an upcoming Radio Personality gets to meet reggae and dancehall artiste in person – so advantage was taken. I was pleasantly surprised to see how humble and grounded MasSicker was as an artiste and a man – tickled my fancy a bit but you know I speak NOT of my romnatic feelings online =P

MasSicker’s voice is one unlike any other, I swear to you. Throughout this single “Come Right Back” he sounded like 3 different artistes to me – yes I counted because I surely thought it was Jemere and MasSicker doing rounds on the track but NOPE it was King Mas, himself – alone. Sincerely I was swooned, again, at that realization. How many artistes do you know, no specific genre, that can sound like 3 different artistes on the same record? NOT MANY, I’m sure. =P Now, I must confess that I have a Cougar Crush on Jemere. He was recently on the Dancehall Now show for an interview and I asked that question that many young woman search the answer for when new artistes come out – “How old are you?” When this King said he was 17 – I most certainly said to myself and to the listeners, I can wait another year for you to become legal. =D But I was most certainly serious about that too. Jah Know, every since I heard “Sunshine Glow” by Jemere, I was hooked!

Come Right Back” lyrically is one of those records that you should pay rather close attention to because honestly the version alone is not one from which you would expect a sweet love song to be one but massive I tell you THIS record is by far my favorite love tune right now. I’ve probably said that before in reference to another tune, but I listen to so much music on a daily that my favorite gets replaced every 2-3 minutes or so. =D I was not raised Rasta, nor do I claim to know everything about the movement but I will tell you locks are by far the sweetest thing on a man for me since I’ve begun that spiritual journey. Jah know, when MasSicker opened the record with “Empress, when you whisper inna mi ear and you playing on my locks,” my own nature was risen and I could swear to you he was singing to me (because he’s my hubby and all). I sincerely love when a record makes me feel like I’m the only woman the artiste is speaking too. Yet still when Jemere said he’s addicted to my love and he would be coming back again at the end of his verse, my cougar crush vyb rose! I don’t know how many of you readers are in a relationship or dating but MasSicker dropped one of the greatest lines, in my opinion, in reference to how people should feel when they are in love with someone else: “She nuh waan no other King fi ride pon har riddim and Queen try run in ah get tun right back.” Whether you are still in that blissful, honeymoon phase or you’ve been in a relationship for a while – I personally think you should listen to this track on a daily, just to remind yourself of that great feeling you had when you first realized how much you loved that significant other

Production wise – The mastering of this record is done very well. I actually had a version that did not have the bridge portion at the end and I must say the addition of it to the final version is duly noted and well received. I’m not an expert in audio production but I am an expert at recognizing good music and when music sounds as if great effort was put into the track from 0:00 to the last second of the recording and I truly believe that this track has those elements and much more. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of MasSicker featuring Jemere Morgan on this tune entitled “Come Right Back”. You watch MasSicker perform”One Wish” via Facebook – One Wish on Facebook – this performance took place in Lebanon.

Be sure to follow MasSicker on Twitter @MasSicker to find out when new music is being released from him and when his album One Wish will be available for your listening pleasures! I’ll definitely have a review for that soon as I get my copy, so you can always check back here as well. Also, be sure to follow Jemere Morgan on Twitter @iamjemere to keep up to date with his musical releases!

Feel free to click the Website cover below to be taken to the Official MasSicker Facebook Fan Page.


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