Come Over by Timeka Marshall ft. Konshens


Guyanese BOMBSHELLTimeka Marshall is heating up the Caribbean music scene. Upon getting a start and introduction to the music industry via her win in a jingle competition for a local telecommunications company in her native country, Marshall has gone on to create numerous musical tracks. The competition set the stage for her to record, release AND shoot a music video for an R&B track she penned entitled We Should Separate. Marshall gained much publicity within the Caribbean for that single and since has honed her writing skills and created an image for herself as a sensual, songstress who can ride a riddim with her melodies ever so sweetly! #girlcrushALERT – LOL

When I had the pleasure of interviewing Marshall on the Dancehall Now radio program on Da Flava Radio, we exchanged dialogue about her rise within the music industry and what drives her to create such great and beautifully crafted tracks – she simply replied (and I paraphrase) – ‘this is something I am truly passionate about.’ Personally, I can attest to doing things that I am passionate about as this entire website is a manifestation of my passion – CARIBBEAN MUSIC. I truly believe that every time I listen to a song  recorded by Marshall, I feel her positive energy that was exuded during the studio session and that energy inspires me to continue to do all that I can to support and promote her career in anyway that I can, as well as Caribbean music in general.

Marshall sent me this track a few weeks ago and as SOON as I played it I feel in love – “stop chat and come nuh” – SELL OFF. I absolutely adore the steelpans being played in the riddim. It takes me to the days when I would be walking into the arrivals hall of Bermuda’s International airport and local band, BAND NAME, would be singing tunes such as ‘Bermuda Is Another World‘. The fusion on this single that is commercial yet traditional is a great mash up. Many fans and critics of Caribbean music have been negatively describing the newer releases of Caribbean music, stating they are too hip-hop, too pop, too everything else BUT Caribbean. I personally support the evolution of Reggae and Dancehall into more mainstream appealing sounds. In my opinion the underlying bass lines which the producers build upon on their riddims still have those distinct elements that Caribbean music is known for. The Subkonshus Music team did a great job on this production.

Now, I’m pretty sure most, if not ALL, ladies have gotten to a point when they have contacted a lover, friend, buddy, or whatever title tickles your fancy for a chill session. Be it late night or early morning. We’ve been out in the club, seen that one guy, our guy, and instantly wanted him. Doing all you can to show him YOU want HIM, not then but RIGHT THEN! (LOL) I’m sure the reverse is true for males as well. Luckily Konshens, gives the men a voice on this record and responds to Marshall’s urges like a true man and gentleman should – “gyal ah call mi and tell mi fi come over, mi cyaan tell her no.” Bothe artistes represent for their respective sexes extremely well.

Please make sure to support both Timeka Marshall and Konshens and purchase the single from legal music stores, whether online or physical locations. Start linking your local Caribbean music stations, radio personalities, DJs, Sound Systems, etc, and request this single. Make sure to follow Timeka Marshall on Twitter to see what new works she has projected to be released and when they will drop. She also has a Facebook fan page. This track was produced by Subkonshus Music. Also, make sure you follow featured artiste Konshens on Twitter as well.

Click the image below to be taken to Timeka Marshall’s official website.

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