A Little Attention by Natel


Okay. So I am probably married to, dating, in love with, having a baby for, or crushing on pretty much EVERY reggae/dancehall artiste that is a male! But THIS GUY RIGHT HERE, Natel, is seriously MY HUSBAND. I’ve been supporting his music/been a fan of his since I first heard his record on the ‘Bad Suh Riddim‘ produced by Wash Room Ent – ‘”Make You Sweat’. Every time I listen to that song I’m taken to that great vyb I received when I first hear that record some years ago. I can honestly say that I don’t rate Natel because he is the ‘hype’ artiste right now, I genuinely was rocking with his music before his buzz truly started in the mainstream reggae scene. That can be considered underground to some Americans out there but no matter, that is besides the point really!

I think I’m swooned by Natel’s music so much because he is consistently releasing lover’s rock influenced reggae lyrics! I am a sucker for some good reggae lyrics, you know? And that ‘Ah Natel Dis For Di Ladies‘ ad libs GETS me everytime! Yes, you can consider me a groupie for Natel. I proudly wear that title. It as a pleasure when he was featured on the Dancehall Now show a few months ago – you want to see a Terri K get super red like she can see Natel, that was i&i.

Natel sent me this single ‘A Little Attention‘ a few weeks ago, maybe even a month. I was initially going to be extremely selfish and keep it ALL to myself but when he told me he produced the record himself, I just HAD to share it with you lovely readers of mines. When I first heard the instruments in the beginning, the tune reminded me of a Carlos Santana beat. Do you remember that record ‘Maria, Maria’ – YUP that what the first 15 seconds of this record did for me! Swooned me

I’m a social media junkie and I did see @NatelMusic tweeting on the hashtag #ALittleAttention – not sure if that hashtag was his inspiration or if it was vice versa. But no matter, I still love this record same way. I think that every one, male or female, gets to a point in their relationship when all they want is that attention they got during the beginning stages of the date phase. That’s the phase when ‘everything’ is perfect, isn’t it? He does no wrong, she can say whatever she likes and it’s oh so cute! Then time passes on, and both the girlfriend and the boyfriend get comfortable in the relationship then BOOM somebody needs a little attention. That ALA (a little attention) time comes at different times for certain people, I like to think that the one way to determine if your spouse requires some attention is too see how often and when they give you the silent treatment. You can tell a lot by a person by when they get silent… Try that one out next time you notice your partner gets silent and see what dynamics changed in the room or their behavior! JAH KNOW you’ll be enlightened

Production wise – I mean anybody that produces their own music sweets me. I’m like a music groupie, seriously! I don’t know exactly what I will do when I see Natel perform live, I think I will honestly have an out of body experience. [LOL] I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Natel with his tune entitled “A Little Attention”. Be sure to follow Natel on Twitter @NatelMusic to find out when new music is being released from him. I know currently he is touring in Europe, Italy I believe! =D

Feel free to click the promo picture of Natel below to be taken to the Official Facebook Fan page.


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