Money Box


*Explicit Version*

Track List

  1. Kush Inna Mi Brain by Aidonia
  2. Jah Guide Mi Step by Deablo
  3. Wheel It Off by Stein
  4. Cyan Bad You Up by Elephant Man
  5. From Yuh See Me by Konshens
  6. Box of Money by Mavado
  7. More Money by Serani
  8. Slap Wey by Gyptian ft. Munga, Supa Hype & Chi Ching Ching
  9. Never She Been by Zagga
  10. House of Money by Chase Cross & 3 Star
  11. Version by Jordan & Hizzle

Now the first single I heard off this riddim was the Mavado – Box of Money. If there’s one thing you should make sure you remember about me is that I LOVE TO DANCE! I’m that girl in the club, at a house party or at an outside set vybing on her own. If the vybz are right I really do not need anyone else to have a good time, just me and the DJ – vybz cyaan done! I love the success Mavado is receiving internationally right now but one thing that should always remain is the love his Caribbean fans have had for him since the beginning of his career, before the super crazed international success. Recently, Mavado has recorded and released hit single after hit single and this one is no different. A tune I think which was definitely written with the rude boys in mind. Not saying that women do not wish to have a box of money round their ways, too.

I’ve said it before and I will repeat myself, Aidonia has had a GREAT year in 2012 so far. He too has released a slew of great singles this year. In my opinion most of them, if not all, have been hit singles – production wise and lyrically. But based on chart information, sales and fan opinion that is a debatable notion to some folks. Nonetheless, I LOVE this track by Aidonia. In true ganja man fashion, Aidonia speaks of his feelings towards kush, how it makes him feel and as a lover a reggae music and one who knows what role ganja plays in it, I appreciate this track all the same.

Now the energy god, Elephant Man, has moved on since his legal woes earlier this year and has since continued to release new music. One of his latest on this riddim, Cyan Bad You Up, is one of those records to say to those who try to hold you down that they cannot! No matter how hard they try to, they shall not succeed! Definitely a motivational song to have in your inspiration playlist.

Some notable projects on this riddim include: Zagga and Deablo. These two I have seen tracks by previously but they have not received too much publicity and commentary within the industry. Do make sure you give their singles a listen even if you are not too familiar with their music. That is the only way they will continue to be able to make music, if their fan base continues to grow, by supporting them, letting them know when you rate their tunes and when you are not feeling a tune. Constructive criticism is great!

Now the last few tracks I plan to speak about in this feature is House of Money, More Money, and Wheel it Off. The artistes of those three songs have had good careers thus far in the industry. Stein having changed his stage name from Einstein but his vocal sounds have evolved in a positive way. He does have a unique sound to his voice. Serani too has a unique sound to his voice and his tune on the riddim definitely keeps in line with the title of the riddim. I think at different points in our lives we all would like to have more money so we can live our lives a little bit more comfortably. Chase Cross & 3 Star have a pretty solid track on this riddim as well.

But I must end by speaking on one of my deejay/singjay boyfriends, KONSHENS. This bey right here has had an AMAZING year this year. Seriously! Almost every tune he has released this year is a hit and I cannot wait to see what he does in 2013. I can’t say which Konshens lyrically style I love more – the gyal, bubbling tunes or the tunes fi di mon dem! They both sweet me all the same. From Yuh See Me is another single added to the Kollective that is Konshens Chunes!

I hope you have enjoyed this mix of the Money Box riddim by DJ Kaos of Adrenalin Ent. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out his Sound Cloud and PodOmatic sites to download his mixes!

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