*WARNING: explicit version*


Russian is definitely one of the most respected producers of the modern dancehall era, as a CEO, producer, engineer and artiste – he definitely keeps himself busy with all things music related. Russian’s productions not only feature some of dancehall’s biggest and most sought after artistes but he definitely has a signature style to his productions. If he is not creating waves within the ocean that is the Caribbean music scene for working with incarcerated deejay, Vybz Kartel – he is certainly pleasing his fans with riddims releases that should see him on the top dancehall charts, domestically in Jamaica as well as reaching overseas as far away as the United Kingdom.

I STAN for Chan Dizzy! I’ve been a music groupie for Chan Dizzy since them ‘Nicest Feelin’ days! If you don’t know what the record is, if you’ve never heard it – STOP reading this review and GO google that record right now. If you have heard the chune before or have completed your task of a google search then you may proceed into this feature.

Chan Dizzy’s chune on the Dynamite edited and raw is a bad record! I have a sincere issue with edited version of Caribbean music that changes the entire vyb of the song, but luckily for me Chan Dizzy was able to rewrite his chune on this riddim without completely changing the story behind his record. Not that it’s a bad thing if an artiste does that but when one’s mind automatically goes to ‘raunchy’ thoughts while listening to the raw version, I can promise  you that same mind does not want to go to ‘rainbows & bubble gum’ thoughts when listening to the edited version, or maybe that’s just me! #terrishrug

I’ve said this before and I will say it again AIDONIA has had a very great year musically in 2012 thus far. Folks were definitely slow to buss a lot of Aidonia records this year, some still have fallen on deaf ears – by not making it to mainstream dancehall outlets such as parties and such. This could just be here in Atlanta though. Same way, Aidonia’s record on this riddim definitely gets a Terri K stamp =D

Incarcerated or NOT, Vybz Kartel is STILL a great deejay. Say what you like about his personal choices in life, those were his to make – but MUSICALLY I am still a fan of Kartel before this ‘Daddy Devil’ mess though. I love when Kartel chats the same topics he used to speak on back in the early to mid 2000s. JAH KNOW that is by far my favorite era of dancehall music. Yes, that is because during that time I started to listen to and become a sincere fan of dancehall music. Kartel could talk explicit on a track and I’d ignorantly bypass it cause it was KARTEL, ah gaza him seh! LOL

Now Charly Black and Elephant Man were my last two favorites on this riddim. I can’t say when I became such a fan of Charly Black’s but as of late I’ve been all into that “claaaaaaaaaaty again” ad-lib Charly has created as his signature on records. No he did not use it on this tune but I lowkey sing it in my head when I listen to the record. Also, I am very happy that Elephant Man is out of the courts in reference to his ‘energy’ court case from earlier this year and is refocused on his music again. His energy can definitely be felt through this record as he portray his signature throughout his chune on the Dynamite riddim.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of the tunes featured on the Dynamite Riddim produced by Russian of Head Concussion Records. The riddim mix was done by @DJ_Kaos of Adrenalin Sounds. Check out his other mixes via #SoundCloud or #PodOmatic and be sure to follow him on Twitter to find out when he releases new mixes.

Be sure to follow Russian on Twitter @RussianHCR to find out when new productions are being released from him. Also, be sure to follow the artistes that where featured on this riddim via Twitter – @IAmChanDizzy @iamthekartel @AIDONIAJOP @Charlyblack876 @eledienergygod @Eleigh_HCR

Click the single cover below to be taken to iTunes where you can purchase the riddim for $8.91USD.


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