Clean Heart


*Explicit Version*

Track List

  1. So Amazing by Blaqk Sheep
  2. Mamma by Cash Money
  3. Take A Ride by Bonny B
  4. Jah Guide by Cyras
  5. Coconut Mane by D’vercity
  6. Live Your Dreams by Fresharda
  7. Go Hard by Fuze
  8. Play With Fire by Junior Dangerous
  9. Burner by Lyndo
  10. Badmind Buck Inna Dem by Neutron Obliv
  11. Nutten Fi We by NuFlowah
  12. Knock Off Friend by RDX
  13. Good Over Evil by Redd
  14. Wine Yuh Waist Fi Mi Nuh by Tactical
  15. Pree Di Signs by Terro 3000
  16. Survive by Timmy T
  17. Version by Andre Solid & Little D Promotions

I truly believe that online networking is just as important as face to face networking. Because the world is so connect via the internet, we spend much of our free time online, depending on your job function you may find yourself online while at work and if you are an independent entrepreneur promoting yourself – being online is apart of your job tasks as well. I recently made connection with Little D via Twitter just from our interests and love for Caribbean music and culture. Through our conversations, she mentioned that she was working on releasing a riddim for which she worked on alongside Andre Solid and of COURSE I was super excited when she sent me the links to give it a listen.

The version alone has a nice bounce to it. For a riddim that does not feature too many familiar artistes I think it is very important for the riddim to be a solid stand alone track and I think the production teams were able to achieve that one this riddim. Of the familiar artistes to me were RDX and Terro 3000. With the recent release of Jump by RDX their track on this riddim is a different vyb from what I have found myself considering an RDX track and being able to recognize their style on a riddim. I love the message of their track on this riddim, I am truly an advocate of promoting an artiste when they release a track that is not similar to what folks would consider ‘their music’ being able to reach the differences in their audiences by creating new sounds, new styles and writing new lyrics is definitely a commendable feat for any artsite to accomplish. From the release of the Country Run riddim produced by Kritical Productions, which IS Terro 3000 =D, his tune on this riddim too has a great vyb to it. Often times we can get caught up in our present and we tend not to see some of the things that Jah is showing us about life, our relationships, and the world we are living in.

The riddim as a whole is well put together. There are a few tracks on the riddim that I enjoyed listening to despite having not heard of the artistes before the riddim was released. Such songs included: So Amazing, Take A Ride, Jah Guide, Live Your Dreams, Badmind Buck Inna Dem, Nutten Fi We, Good Over Evil, and Wine Yuh Waist Fi Mi Nuh.

I personally LOVE hearing Boney Black’s British accent over the track Take A Ride. It sweets me! I highly recommend you giving this riddim a download, a listen and a share. The download is free so you are getting a gift from the producers as it is not listed on iTunes for purchase! Now just because I did not name every song on the riddim is this write up/feature has nothing to do with me not liking the song. I felt it would be redundant to do so seeing as there is a track listing above. Feel free to comment on this post and let me know which songs on the riddim you are feeling!

I hope you have enjoyed this mix of the Clean Heart riddim by DJ Kaos of Adrenalin Ent. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out his Sound Cloud and PodOmatic sites to download his mixes!

Follow the artistes featured on this riddim via Twitter – if available, their twitter links are listed above in the track listing.

Click the riddim cover above to be taken to the official link provided where you can download the riddim.


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