Beach Bunx


UIM Records have released another riddim this year and I must say I LOVE this one. I was first introduced to this riddim through Spotify when the application recommended I listen to a single by Popcaan entitled ‘Mi Baby Dat‘ – I was sold off that single. I think the day I first heard Popcaan’s single I played it on repeat until I left work that day. I had my coworker who sits across form me asking me about it and she told me how much she enjoyed the vybz (well she didn’t say vybz, but you get me).

By far, Popcaan’s tune is my favorite. Aside from me being on #TeamPopcaan, I honestly just love the lyrics of the song. A sucker for sweet lyrics! After listening to the riddim in it’s entirety a few times over, I have found another favorite in  Blak Diamon‘s ‘You Mi Want‘. I think any girl in a relationship or courtship would definitely rate Popcaan and Blak Diamon’s tunes on this riddim. Not every relationship starts on good terms though, and Chico has found a way to let his significant other know that she can’t expect anything different from their relationship as she was involved in some love crimes against her last dude. I rate Chico for doing a song that talks about the other side of the relationship coin. Women tend to get caught up in what men do and they forget that there are many things we do as women that hurt man all the same.

What is a riddim without party tunes? NOT A RIDDIM AT ALL. Lol – Okay that was extreme but a riddim with a bounce such as this you can almost predict that there would AT LEAST be one good party chune on this riddim. Propa Fade‘s tune ‘Raving Time‘ and the collaboration with Supa Hype, Chi Ching Ching and Bastic on ‘Vybz Deh Yah‘ definitely give the riddim party selections for Selectors and DJs of the Caribbean Music Industry worldwide. But my favorite party tune on this riddim is ‘Party Over Here‘ by D’Angel – I’ll always support good Caribbean music especially when it by a female artiste, deejay or singjay.

Demarco, Charly Black and Munga all feature vybz that are rooted more so in the vybz of reggae and dancehall music. Demarco speaking on not having too much worry about things in life that we cannot control. That Jah Rastafari has everything under control. Munga and Charly Black decided to write lyrics that speaks to ganja – Charly Black calling for an herbalist holiday while Munga talks about the medz in one’s head. Both these tunes have the element of party vybz being on this riddim.

Two newcomers to the Caribbean Music scene were featured on this riddim by UIM records. They are Kanambo and Chinadior. Out of these two all my ratings go to Chinadior! Now that’s not to say that I did not rate Kanambo’s tune ‘Touch Back One of Yours‘ because I do. BUT Chinadior’s riddim speaks to the young woman in me, every girl wants to find her a guy that can put it on her good, without the added energy to make up for his lack thereof.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sounds of the tunes featured on the Beach Bunz Riddim produced by UIM Records. The riddim mix was done by @DJ_Kaos of Adrenalin Sounds. Check out his other mixes via #SoundCloud or #PodOmatic and be sure to follow him on Twitter to find out when he releases new mixes.

Be sure to follow UIM Records on Twitter @UIMRECORDS to find out when new productions are being released from him. Also, be sure to follow the artistes that where featured on this riddim via Twitter – @RealBastic @ChiChingChingJA @Propa_YVP @Charlyblack876 @TheRealSupaHype @PopcaanMusic @RealMunga @rambokanambo @DemarcoDaDon @dangel_music @iBlakDIAMON @DiRealChynaDior

Click the single cover below to be taken to iTunes where you can purchase the riddim for $9.99USD.

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