You Alone by Dreama

I am a lover of DANCE. When I first watched this music video by Dreama, the dance group won my heart over. I was already a fan of the single having it been sent to me a few weeks ago. But the visuals gave the track so much more life than ever before. The dance moves of Unnamed Dancers out of Russia tickles the dancer in me every so sweetly. I truly love dance, you all know of my love for Caribbean music so it’s always a great mash up when dance groups come up with dance routines to the music I love so dearly.

I must say the solidity of the track alone should definitely be mentioned, lyrically Dreama did a great job expresses that the special young woman in his life is the one alone who can make him settle down. #sweetsuh – The story of the shots of Dreama and his love interest set a story of a man who is professing to that special lady that it is she alone… Most women definitely like to hear their boyfriend, fiance, husband, etc say that she is the one alone that he wants to be with. There’s no one else on this earth that can change that for him. #WIN

I lowkey thought for a second that the dance scene was shot during the individual shots of Dreama on the rooftop. Shouts out to the video director for that little play on my eyes, cause I was about to be like YOOOOOOOOO that is too fly! I mean it is still fly to have the dance group featured in the music video BUT to have the dance group be from NYC and doing the shots at the same time #wickedsuh

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

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