Where Have You Been by Rihanna

Normally, I would only focus on Caribbean genres of music for promotion here on my blog. But I love Rihanna too much not to promote her latest music video off her “Talk That Talk” project. This morning Rihanna shared the link to her official music video for “Where Have You Been” via her Facebook music page. I am a proud member of the #RihannaNavy and definitely wanted to share this video with you, my readers.

I’m personally not the biggest fan of Rihanna’s dancing, but she did okay in this video. What really got me were the outfits! Whomever styled this music video did their just-do with the pieces that were pulled for this video shoot. The make up was magnificent and flawless, as usual! So Barbados STAND UP for your Caribbean princess, who consistent is taking the music industry by storm – one record and video at a time

Please take the time out to share this post or the video link to your friends! The album, Talk That Talk by Rihanna, can be purchase via the following links online: iTunes, Amazon. Also check out other videos by Rihanna via her Vevo page on YouTube, here.

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