Want Yuh Body by Leftside ft. Mystic

Leftside has been pretty active in the dancehall music scene for quite sometime now with his alter ego Dr. Evil – I have grown to love his sound. It is very unique! It is definitely not something that is easily mimicked – I think Leftside has a pretty solid brand with Keep Left Records as a producer as well as an artiste. It is very refreshing to see a young man so talented working on his craft and honing in on his skills. He is not the only one making these moves but he is surely one who is getting a lot of attention and recognition.

I first heard this record as the original, as well as the Sean Paul remix, and I thought that was a solid record. But the remix version with Mystic is fire too! I definitely love when a female deejay gets on a record and can hold her own. She is actually a dancer in Jamaica as well… This is the first track I am hearing that features Mystic and I will most definitely be keeping my ears open to any new music she has in the works.

This video was very well produced and the entire concept was executed seamlessly. For a music video out of JA, I think that this is one of the better ones – which lets me know that there was either a very large budget in comparison to other music videos or Leftside just put together a very talented team who could work on a lower budget and create a masterpiece! I will say that those video girls were definitely handling their busy while hitting the splits and bruking out fi di video light (insert JA accent here). It didn’t seem that the fashion was not too off the wall but some girls were doing a bit too much as far as outfits. Check out the video below and let me know what you think of it…

The video was directed by Chris “Icey Jace” Campbell. The executive producer for the video was Renesa “Lola B” Wright and the production team included Zandanta “The 1” Higgins and Pepe Hemmings. The video was edited by Simeon Hedge and make up was done by Trudy.

Please make sure to support Leftside by following him on Twitter, @Leftsidedrevil, and keeping in contact with him to find out what is going on with her musically. If you prefer the ‘other’ social network, Leftside has a Facebook Fan Page, where you can Like her to stay updated as well. Also, be sure to support Mystic by following her on Twitter as well – @MysticDavis and check out some of her dance videos via YouTube.


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