The Holiday by Spice

Spice is no rookie to the dancehall music scene, after making her mark during Sting in 2000 – she has been since rising among the ranks as one of the leading female deejays. By far my most memorable Spice tune has to be ‘Fight Over Man‘ on the Eighty-Five (85) Riddim produced by Dave Kelly of Madhouse Records. The riddim has to be one of the greatest riddims of 2005-2006, period! That is the same riddim that featured ‘Ghetto Story‘ performed by Baby Cham; the single that was becoming an international favorite during that musical era.

I know when I first heard ‘The Holiday‘ on the Overtime Riddim, I noticed the ode to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s theme concept. I think it was very fitting for the video director and story board creators to use that as inspiration for the music video. I do not think it is too cliché or obvious, as I think it adds to the fun-loving vyb of the record as well as the lyrics of the song. Most islanders can attest that sometimes living on an island, especially one in the Caribbean, everyday can feel like a holiday. I think everyone can tell a West Indian just by the way we carry ourselves and our interactions with others. Pretty much everything is a party to us! (or can at least become a party)

In the opening scenes of the music video, Spice greets one of her friends who is visiting Jamaica for ‘the holiday’. The entire video for the most part follows her excursions with her friend throughout the island of Jamaica. Now some of the fashions in this music video were rather questionable. ESPECIALLY that high waisted cut-up pink tights number Spice had on… I love me some color pink but I could not rock with that little piece of fabric. Overall there were no fashion pieces that I could say I would have rocked outside of that video shoot, but I do feel that the fashion definitely showcased Spice’s personal style.

The video was directed by Steven Bernard and was shot throughout parts of Jamaica.

Please make sure to support Spice by following her on Twitter, @SpiceOfficial, and keeping in contact with her to find out what is going on with her musically. If you prefer the ‘other’ social network, Spice has a Facebook Fan Page, where you can ‘Like’ her to stay updated as well. You can purchase ‘The Holiday’ and the rest of the Overtime Riddim via iTunes.


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