Supergirl by Denyque

SUPER GIRL DENYQUE!!! Ya’ll should know by now that I love me some Denyque – #girlcrush FOR SURE! I’ve been in love with her record Super Girl for about two years now. Having the chance to speak with her at the radio station was amazing as well. I featured her mixtape of the same title earlier this year and for me to watch her music video for the track let’s me know that Denyque is definitely continuing to move her career in a positive direction.

At first I was a little unsure of how this concept was going to work out, it wasn’t the most obvious but after watching it for a while it was clear that there was a battle for the boss’s heart – the nerd versus the popular pretty girl. Oh how I know that feat all too well, being the better choice but not getting the attention. Underdogs united in the name of this song.

The overall concept of this music video is sweet, I honestly thought it was have been more obvious of Denyque being the girlfriend supergirl but this underdog theme is BETTER! It’s a concept that one would not have automatically think of, which makes it great. Nope I was not cool with the other girl making Denyque look like a thief AND trying to say Denyque stole the lighter when she KNEW she did. TRIFLING!

Super shouts out to the video director and concept innovator for this one. The comic book effect section of the video was on point! Please continue to support Denyque and her #teamSUPERGIRL movement!

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

Be sure to head over to iTunes to purchase the City Life Riddim by Dean Fraser. Follow Denyque on Twitter – @Denyque.

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