Soul of a Man by The Courtney John Project

So I was asked a while back whether I have any personal reason for featuring certain artistes versus others and I must reiterate that I do not feature music on my website because anyone is paying me to do so or because I am receiving and sponsorships, yet, for such features. I do each of my features based on an artiste, the Public Relations/Marketing teams, etc, who reach out to me and ask for my opinion on their recent projects. I have a slew of projects in my email inbox, sitting on my external hard drive that I have yet to get to and I chose my features based on my reaction to the project – good or bad.

Now this latest music video feature was sent to me a few weeks ago, I wanted to do a feature when I first received it but because I am a woman of principle and had already set aside time to work on those features, I simply added this video to the list and planned on getting to it during its rotation. And that time is now, so HERE IS THE FEATURE.

I think I was first introduced to music performed by Courtney John in 2010. It was then that I heard his lover’s rock influences and immediately feel in love. This new musical journey, which is the Courtney John Project has me in limbo. I say in limbo because I am truly excited about the fresh sound that this music will produced but I am apprehensive to see just how provocative this new genre will become. With all the controversy that is following many of Caribbean artiste for having demonic imagery and questionable music lyrics, I am cautious to see just how far rootstronic will go.

In this particular music video, one could argue that such images can be seen with the band members and audience member having their faces painted with black and white paint, in a manner that is seems to be demonic. I will say that since this song is entitled ‘Soul of a Man’ that there may be a connection being portray through visuals to the song title. How true that inference is, I cannot say with exact certainty as not much was giving in the description of this video. But from my knowledge of John’s previous works as a solo artiste, I would like to say my inference is in fact a truthful one.

I will say that I do support this new sound. It’s different, I could definitely see it being played in the clubs during those mash-up sections when DJs and Selectas alike play music from ‘across the borders’ as I like to refer to house music and dubstep, LOL.

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

Be sure to keep the links to find out when the single has been officially released on iTunes for purchase. Until then make sure you follow The Courtney John Project on Twitter – @TheCJProject. Also, be sure to like them on Facebook as well.


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