Sorry Is A Sorry Word by Tarrus Riley

Tarrus Riley is definitely one of my favorite lover’s rock reggae artiste. Every one of his records have  a solid message behind them, this one in particular can hit home for a lot of people. When in relationships, most people want things to be perfect, no heartaches, no pains, just love in bliss but there are not always perfect times when dealing with others. Hearing ‘sorry’ is comfort to some, but after hearing it so many times in reference to the same issue it becomes the sound of an old broken record.

The Live in Love Riddim is a sweet riddim same way. I was happy to note that Tarrus would be releasing a video for this record. The video in it’s entirety is very simple and is not truly elaborate as a video concept. I personally feel that this gives the viewer a chance to once again focus on the lyrics while watching a visual that is not so abstract that it takes you off the entire focus of the record. I do think it could have been a bit more explicit what exactly the ‘girlfriend’ was doing wrong and why she was apologizing. I gathered it started when she was dropped off by another man, which goes back to their past and as the video unfolds we see the girlfriend choosing to leave Tarrus ‘to go out’.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think of it. The video was directed by Nisha Rebel

Please make sure to support Tarrus Riley by following him on Twitter, @tarrusrileyja, and keeping in contact with him to find out what is going on with her musically. If you prefer the ‘other’ social network, Tarrus Riley has a Facebook Fan Page, where you can Like him to stay updated as well.


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