Shot A Fire by Konshens

Now I know I’m not the only person who when she thinks of Konshens and Music Video that I automatically assume it is for one of his bubbling singles… If I am that I shall claim that, all the same. When I first started to take notice of Koshens as a solo artiste – the two songs that won me over were actually not bubbling tunes. They were Buss A Blank and The Realest Song – go figure right? But as of late, he has been getting much praise and recognition for his tunes ‘fi di gyal dem.’ So I fell into that stereotypical trap of assuming he would only release videos for songs that were on that level but then Konshens released this video and I was pleasantly surprised. ‘Shot A Fire or Shat Ah Fiyah’ depending on your spelling preference is apart of the Duplicity Riddim compilation and is far removed from the bubbling lyricist the ladies have grown to love.

The message of this record I feel is meant to reach out to the youth as a song for them to play for the older generations who ‘write them off’ into being apart of the delinquency groups of people. Now I’m not saying that there won’t be negative people trying to claim that this song is for them but I know when I first listened to this song and then saw the video for it, I realized exactly who Konshens was writing this song for. He was writing for those people who feel there is no other way for them to get out of those harsh places, the hard times in life and the negative ways of life – “take it to the Father in a pray” is a lyric that Konshens recites in the song that I feel means so much more than just an action. I believe Konshens is truly trying to reach out to those who feel there is no one listening to their cries anymore. The overall treatment for this video is superb, definitely conveys the message of the song without being overly violent or “too realistic” as some critics may say.

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

Be sure to head over to iTunes to purchase and download the Duplicity Riddim produced by Warriors Musick Production. Also, be sure to follow Konshens on Twitter – @KonshensSojah and like the Official Facebook Fan page for the production team – Warriors Musick Production.

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