Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj

Now I am not the biggest Barbie Fan there is out for Nicki Minaj and I am not a Stan of hers, however she was born in Trinidad and Tobago so I must represent for her Caribbean roots even if she doesn’t as often as I would like in her music. It is not very often that TnT gets the mainstream promotion it should. I mean for me, knowing and loving soca music, I am fascinated with the island and all it has to offer; I will touch down on that landmass very soon! Most soca artist do film their music videos on the island but only those of us who appreciate Caribbean music view the footage and support the movement.

I was happy to find out that Nicki Minaj was in Trinidad and Tobago to film her latest music video for her single ‘Pound The Alarm‘. At first I was skeptical to watch it because I wasn’t sure how she was going to translate the single into a video shot in TnT, because it was a song influenced by Caribbean music; however, I think Nicki and her team did a very good job of showcasing Trinidad and Tobago in a light that many of those who are on American soil may not see when they think of TnT. Sure you automatically think, great beaches, sand, palm trees, fun & carefree living but those can sometimes be dreams sold to tourist for the sake of Tourism – not that I am complaining or anything, LOL, we live for Tourism on the islands.

I am very excited to see Nicki embrace her birth culture in such a fashion! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the music video, the visuals are extremely beautiful. I am not the biggest fan of the record but the music video TRULY makes up for that. It is a solid song, but not my favorite Nicki track. Be mad at me if you want to be but I am still featuring the video nonetheless.

The video was directed by Benny Boom and was shot in Trinidad’s Queen’s Park Savannah. The video features over 500 Trinidadians who were required to wear Carnival attire in order to be in the video.

Please make sure to support Nicki Minaj by following her on Twitter, @NICKIMINAJ, and keeping in contact with her to find out what is going on with her musically. If you prefer the ‘other’ social network, Nicki Minaj has a Facebook Fan Page, where you can ‘Like’ her to stay updated as well. You can purchase ‘Pound The Alarm’ via iTunes – it is her fourth single from the album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.


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