Lawless by Cham

Cham’s return to mainstream international charts this year has been one many have been looking forward to since his Ghetto Story days. With his partnership with his wife, O on two of his hit singles thus far this year and her appearance in the music videos for Wine and Tun Up. Both videos were very simple that there was no true storyline that the music video followed to move along with the song lyrics.

However, with this latest video not only does the song lyrics follow the storyboard for the music video but even if you are unsure of what Cham is talking about you can figure it out for the most part just by watching the video. I personally like the effects used throughout this video as it relates to the static bars that appeared as if the video connection was lost. I think the video effects give the music video a sense of being recorded on a law enforcement video camera as apposed to being recorded professionally, so to speak.

As an entire production, the tune, the music video and the riddim all come together rather nicely. The old school vyb of the riddim as well as the effects for the music video definitely align well. The lyrics of this record feature a topic that many in the Caribbean music industry are very familiar with, BABYLON.

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

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