Kingston Be Wise by ProtOje

Songs with a deeper message than those of many Caribbean singles tend to get passed up by the younger generation of reggae and dancehall fans. Many people with varying statements can list reasons for this. ‘The youts today do not care about the future of their culture’ – ‘ All they care about is the gangster lifestyle they see on TV’ – etc. It’s the mentality of the young people today that needs to be altered in order for such great music to continue to be produced for all the world to fulljoy.

Now I do not say this with the mindset that Caribbean music has lost its cultural influences and has completely changed its ways. But I do feel that the younger generations need to be more infusion into the cultural, conscious music that popular artiste of today are producing – not just the artiste that they think is the best currently.

This latest single by ProtOje is definitely on that should receive a lot of support from his fan base. It is one of the single released off his latest project – The 8 Year Affair. A call to consciousness this song is; one that we as a fan base should not just shun away because it does not make us want to party in the dancehall. It’s single like this that support positive brain activity, not just a song that we listen to because the beat is sweet. The production of the music video overall was very well done and the production team should be recognized for their hard work and effort put forth on this music video.

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

Be sure to link your local radio stations and personalities to request Kingston Be Wise by ProtOje. Follow ProtOje on Twitter – @Protoje. Also, click the link to listen to the interview with the Dancehall Now crew and ProtOje.


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