Imagine by Terro 3000

PREE DI LEVELS and imagine a world where the color of a man’s skin is as important as the colour of his eyes. Haile Selassie I, Uncle Bob, Marcus Garvey and others like them spoke of a world when race would not be a deciding factor in how one’s life is to be lived on this earth. Yet, in 2012 we are still dealing with issues of race not only for those who are Black, White, or Yellow but also even within the races for those who are mixed with more than one race; discrimination still exists. The message, which Terro conveys in his latest single and music video for Imagine, is one that we all should be paying attention to.

Free yourself from mental slavery. Start with the man in the mirror. Two lyrical phrases that, when I listened to this tune, resonated with me. I listen to War by Bob Marley just about everyday, motivational tune that one is for me. Uncle Bob’s plea via Haile Selassie I’s speech to the United Nations Charter in 1963 is still relevant to the governing of countries today. It is still relevant to the interactions we as a people have with each other. I salute Terror 3000 to the fullest extent for choosing to write and record a tune with such a topic and theme. In my personal opinion, I agree with Terror’s proclamation that change starts with us. We can walk around complaining about what is going on in the world today but if we aren’t willing to start being the change we want to see, whom will others have to pull from as an example if we don’t give them one? Just some food for thought.

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

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