How We Living by Cherine

I am a true supporter of Caribbean music. If you’ve looked at my profile on Twitter you would have notice that it says ‘CARIBBEAN music enthusiast‘ and I am very sincere about that title I have given myself. I try to update my blog as often as I can, hopefully providing you with a great mix of blog posts. Some serious topics while also letting you know what music I am listening to, the music I support and the music I hope you too can appreciate – whether you like Caribbean genre influenced records or not.

I’ve been a fan of Cherine‘s for sometime now. I’ve seen her name through the reggae music scene for many years now and I recently saw her featured in two very popular Caribbean-based movies – “One Love” in which she co-starred with Ky-Mani Marley and “Dancehall Queen” where she play the daughter of Marcia (Audrey Reid). (These movies are not new by the way, I’m just SUPER late in watching them…LOL) When I watched both movies I thought to myself, “that name Cherine Anderson looks so familiar, I know I’ve seen her featured on and release a few tracks of her own“, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. So to Google I went – searching the internet for more information on Cherine. I confirmed my earlier suspicions that she was indeed a singer as well as an actress, which she does both extremely effortlessly. I recently discovered a newly released single and music video, which was directed by Cherine – herself, entitled “How We Living“. I was merely browsing her website to set up an interview with her on the DancehallNow show and since the video was on the main page I simply took just over 5 minutes of my time before I emailed her contacts to view the video. I am MORE than happy that I took that time out to watch the video, aside from the excellent work Cherine did in directing the mini-film/music video, the lyrics of that record are so beautiful and powerful.

I have decided to featured this video on #then1989 because I am all about sharing the music that I love wholeheartedly and soulfully with my loyal and new readers. If you must listen to the record twice because you are caught up in the visuals, by all means do so! I promise you, you will receive a blessing when you listen to this record – as a man or a woman. This record has a sweet message in it that we as young adults need to resonate on and share with our brothers and sisters. We need to teach the younger generations this message so that there is no lapse in overstandings…

Support Cherine by following her on Twitter, @CherineAnderson and by checking out her website at Be sure to ‘Like’ Cherine on Facebook via her music page, all of these links will keep you updated and in contact with Cherine so that you may find out what is going on with him musically. Do find any legal sites you’d wish to download this single. Either Cherine’s website directly or iTunes/

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