Haters Warning by Esco ft. Chino, Bramma, Chan Dizzy, Rholin X, Bounty Killa & Ward 21

Now it’s not everyday that you see a Dancehall music video set up similar to that of a DJ Khaled styled video. With each artistes getting their own verse recorded for them to showcase themselves. For the most part Caribbean music videos focus on the dance moves, a particular story line or some combination of the two. This particular video for me is actually rather good. I personally enjoyed the treatment of the entire video – especially Sean Paul’s cameo appearance! Each artiste not only brought their own flavor to the audio track but visually you could see their personalities shine through as they recited their lyrics. The use of video girls, I think was done very well. The ladies were not overtly sexual in their movements, nor were they the complete focus of the video. I think many times in videos such as these the video girls are the main focus when the track is not talking about them very much, if at all.

The use of the ‘Warning’ sign in the beginning of the video as well as the caution tape in the Jamaica flag was a nice touch as well. Very innovative and creative! The various visual effects, such as the number countdown were a nice added touch to the concept as well. I think as an overall production this video was very well done.

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

Be sure to head over to iTunes and purchase the single. Also, follow all the artistes featured in this song via Twitter – @EscodaShocker @chinomcgregor @Bramma1 @IAmChanDizzy @Rholinx @GrungGaadZilla @Ward21Music

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