Grand Piano Hustle by Dré

As many of you know, I am fairly new to the Reggae music industry here in Atlanta but I have quite successfully penetrated the industry and I have a good number of contacts within the area who support and promote the music that I love. I came across the artiste Dré awhile ago, as some of my friends were cool with him and supported his music. I won’t lie, at first I did not worry myself in making sure I knew who he was as an artiste. There was no particular reason as it related to his music, I was just still trying to solidify my initial relationships in the industry. But I will say after the buzz from “Rum Punch” produced by MMD (@MixMasterDavid) caught my attention, I told myself that I needed to get familiar with Dré as soon as possible because it would come a time when his talents and mines would cross paths.

Which they did. As a radio personality for the Dancehall Now show, I am the one responsible for booking the interview slots and making those connections with the artistes and their management teams. Seeing as I had finally joined #TeamDré – I figured it would be fitting of me to invite him on the show for an interview. The show was a great success, having Dré in the studio to vibe with and sample some of the music he was working on was indeed a pleasure. Recently, he has been promoting the release of his latest video “Grand Piano Hustle” and I knew I would dedicate a blog to the video. I support the Dreggae Music movement and I cannot wait to see what magic happens this summer for Dré formerly known as Dré Money.

The video is presented by DJ Genius (@iAmTheGenius), who lends his support to Dre. The record was produced by Cameron Wallace (@cwallace85) and engineered by Shane Talon (@ShaneTalon). The video was directed by BDB Media Group (@BDBMG).

Support Dré by following him on Twitter, @Dreggaemusic, and keeping in contact with him to find out what is going on with him musically.

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