Faluma/Makelele by Alison Hinds

Alison Hinds. Queen of Soca Music. A veteran in the music Caribbean Music industry. Hinds has been active since the 1990s and she has constantly released quality Soca music. Hinds is not a native of Trinidad & Tobago but she has definitely shown that you do not have to hail from the Country that is credited as the originator of a genre to do well in it and to remain true to the roots of the genre.

I was a little girl when ‘Faluma‘ was originally released by Square One – the tune featured Alison Hinds speaking the language of the Saamaka tribe in Suriname. Then and to this day I have NO real clue of what Hinds is actually singing in the record but I know it has to do with enjoying Soca music of sort – or at the very least the lyrics make me enjoy the bounce of this Soca riddim. I personally have never seen a music video for Faluma from the Square One days so I was happy to find out that Hinds had shot a video for Faluma as a re-release. This music video also features Hinds’ 2011 release ‘Makelele‘ and again I do not know what Hinds is saying throughout the lyrics, entirely, but from the English I do understand I LOVE IT! Whenever I hear of a new Alison Hinds song I immediately give it a listen because I know it is going to be great Soca music. Although it is cooling down in Atlanta, I am all fired up and ready for Carnival 2013 and Summer 2013! Bring back the heat and the vybz…

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it. The video was directed by Tania Hoser. It was edited by Tania Hoser and Raivo Loo. It is of the exclusive copyright to Black Coral Inc, 2012.

Please make sure to support Alison Hinds by following her on Twitter, @AlisonHinds, and keeping in contact with her to find out what is going on with her musically. If you prefer Facebook, Alison Hinds has a Facebook Fan Page, where you can Like her to stay updated as well.

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