Blasting Away by Jus Bus ft. Drastic & LogiQ Pryce

I must say I am a ‘newer’ fan of #teamJNATION – I only was introduced to him via the release of ‘Kiss Me Girl’ which he produced for Them Island Boyz that features Jah Cure. I was and still am a fiend for that record! Honestly, catch me on any day and I have listened to that record at least once for the day. The entire production, the sound of the record and the concept sincerely sweets me!

I was pleasantly surprised when Justin let me know that he had a video coming out for one of his OWN records. Not that I do not love producer Justin but I personally was excited to find out that I would be hearing something produced and performed by him. Professionally know as Jus Bus or J. Nation, the release of the music video for ‘Blasting Away’ did receive some mixed reviews. I can’t remember exactly what was said where so I will not reference quotes but I do remember receiving something from Jus Bus essentially explaining and defending the concept of the video. So that is what I shall talk about first…

I am an extreme lover of Cartoon/Animated projects! If I had the patience to deal with that on a formal educational level for 4 years I probably would have went to SCAD for that. But since I did not, I was an economics major instead at Spelman College =D lol. Okay that isn’t the real reason but you catch my drift, somewhat I hope.

I love things that are out of the ordinary, atypical concepts definitely inspire me and I support creativity and wild imaginations! So when the opening scene to the music video finally showed and it was an animated depiction of what I am assuming is Antiguan shore lines I was GEEK’d! I seriously get much more excited for the release of a new animated film than I would for a real-life movie. Judge me if you wish – I shall not be phased =P! The entire concept of the three characters traveling across the island to this one meeting place to blast away is not what I was expecting from the video. I’m sure like most people who first imagined a video concept for this song were probably not expecting animation, let alone the story line for the video.

For me the lyrics help tell the story of the music video; and what I mean by that is, there is no prologue for the the characters, so in essence we have no clue what it is they are really doing in this video. But I gather from each of the artiste’s verses that it has something to do with escaping the reality of their lives here on earth and sharing what we have with others with whom we may not on a normal basis. Conversely, I’m a sucker for love songs! But being a music fanatic I listen lots of different tunes daily, some great and others not so great. I had to watch the video first then listen to the lyrics after to do this review the way I would like because I had never heard the single beforehand. In doing that, I really found that the lyrics of this record are very relatable. Sometimes you just get the feeling of wanting to leave some of the mess in your life behind and travel to another place and start over, I don’t know if many of you dream of traveling to outer space like the characters of the music video but in the event that you do – this video was created with you in mind!

The video was directed by Kenny Franklin with 2D Animation by Mark Paterson of TinSpider Studio. The song was produced by Torsten Stenzel & Justin “Jus Bus” Nation and features vocals by Jus Bus, Drastic (of Them Island Boyz) and LogiQ Pryce

Please make sure to support Jus Bus by following him on Twitter, @thejnation, and keeping in contact with him to find out what is going on with him musically. If you prefer the ‘other’ social network, Jus Bus has a Facebook Fan Page, where you can ‘Like’ him to stay updated as well. You can purchase ‘Blasting Away’ via iTunes.


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