Badmind Dem A Pree by I-Octane ft. Bounty Killer

There have been days when budgets for the music videos of Caribbean tunes were small and resources were scarce. But in 2012 I have seen many management teams utilizing their budgets to create music videos that rival their American counterparts. I’m not certain if that is because the budget for said music videos have increased or if those creative minds behind the music videos have refined their skills greatly and are now able to provide their clients with quality production work. Whichever is true, I am truly happy to see music videos for Caribbean music being made on the levels that most hold American music videos to.

It can be said that there have been many people in the Caribbean music industry looking to make quick money and not willing to invest in the artiste they manage or even invest in the career they have. Such people would be referred to as badmind, I mean it is easy money to only worry about oneself; especially in an industry where so many different people are connected to the success of one person – the artiste. Very fitting this tune is for the Caribbean music industry. This is not the first song with lyrics such as these but this is the latest music video for the Markus Records produced single by I-Octane featuring Bounty Killer.

I am personally pleased with the overall look of this music video. Aside from the performances of I-Octane and Bounty Killer, the music video to me is like one of those old gangster movies when a man on the inside gives information to the police and ends up getting caught for it. I LOVE that the concept was so well executed. Much respect goes out to Scorpio 21 who is responsible for the production of this music video.

Check out the official music video below and let me know what you think of it.

Be sure to link your local radio stations and personalities to request Badmind Dem A Pree by I-Octane featuring Bounty Killer. Also, you can purchase the single via iTunes. Follow I-Octane and Bounty Killer on Twitter – @Realioctane and @GrungGaadZillA. Also, you can follow Markus Records – @1RealMarkus – and Scorpio 21 – @Scorpio21ja – on Twitter as well.


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