Wickedest Ting by Keida


I think in 2012 not only have their been a slew of upcoming male artistes dominating the scene but the women of 2012 have definitely shown that although the music industry tends to be a male dominated arena, the women who enter can certainly hold their own and showcase their skills just as well as the men can. Keida has been on the rise to stardom since 2009 when her debut single ‘Jamaican Boy’ was released on the Stalag Riddim.

The first time I heard Keida’s music was in 2011 when I received the Jinx Riddim, her tune Turn Me On won me over! I was sold at that point. On a musical journey to discover more of Keida’s music I was thrilled to find out that she had released a mixtape, which would include 25 of Keida’s songs. That’s a FULL albums worth of music for free, by far one of the greatest things about mixtapes, in my opinion. For an artiste and his/her team to decide that they wish to give the fans a gift of music such as this should truly be appreciated.

The Jinx Riddim, which was produced by Justus of JA Productions, was released on iTunes – January 26, 2011. A combination of the riddim and the lyrics is what truly won me over to join #teamKEIDA – her talent and vocal skills were duly noted, also. I remember many evenings getting ready to go to the club BLASTING this riddim, this tune especially, because I knew no matter how much noise I made on Twitter requesting this riddim to be played, it would fall upon blind eyes. If you have not checked out the Jinx riddim previously, please head over to iTunes and purchase it – you will enjoy the vybz.

While listening to any mixtape I take note of the singles that give me crazy vybz on first listen, whether I have heard them before or not and I came across two singles that just blew my musical junkie mind. The first was Sweet You – it’s not the usual record in my opinion for a reggae artiste. There are elements that remind me of an alternative genre track but that’s probably why I love it so much. I totally love when artiste record tunes over riddims that do not sound like your typical reggae or dancehall version.

NOW. ProtOje is a SWEETHEART. I had the opportunity to speak with him last week on the radio show and he is one of the most humble individuals I have come across in this industry thus far. All Again was one of my favourite tunes off the Summer Scheme Riddim (click riddim name to be taken to iTunes for purchase link). A few friends that I spoke with when the riddim was released last year were not feeling the vybz of that riddim but you should be well aware and i&i fulljoy different sounds within Caribbean music. This riddim was one of those riddims for me. Not your traditional sounding riddim but definitely a new sound that younger Caribbean music fans would and are enjoying.

Other noteworthy songs that gave me great vybz while listening to this mixtape were Riddim Sound Sweet, Big Bam Bam, Informer and Hot It Up. I loved the deejay style Keida used on the RSS tune, the bound of the riddim was great and I think she did her tune great justice by exercising her deejay skills. But you know Caribbean ladies love a great bubbling record especially one that speaks on the ‘bam bam’ LOL.

The riddim for this tune has a great bounce as well. Honestly, a bubbling record without good bounce is NOT a bubbling record – FYI! Informer has a sweet sound to it, the riddim has a mellow sound to it but it still has that added bounce which allows you to just move to without actually ‘dancing’ so to speak. Lastly, Hot It Up, which was produced by Leftside of Keep Left Records, has a slow bounce to it; such a bounce is perfect to buss a slower wine to.

Overall, I loved the vybz of the mixtape on a whole. This is a great collection of the work Keida has done thus far and I can only hope to hear greater sounds from her in the future as she continues to rise to international stardom.

I hope that this write up gave you an overall opinion of this mixtape by Keida. Click the mixtape cover above to be redirected to the download link for Wickedest Ting by Keida. You will be taken to YardLink254.com for the download. The mixtape was mixed by Yard Core, click the name to follow him on Twitter. Enjoy di vybz!


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