Street Code by Konshens

It has been a while since I have published a mixtape feature on #then1989. Not because I didn’t want to but I will say mixtapes take a little bit more effort than a music video or single. Riddims are similar to mixtapes but thanks to the many riddim mixes online I have found, it is a little easier to deal with than a mixtape. Mixtapes in my opinion are free albums! Many artistes use them as a way to get their music out to their fans for a cost just about ALL are willing to pay, nothing! Make sure you download the mixtape and feel free to comment below to let me know what your favorite is…


There are have a slew of artistes who have been having a great year in 2012, Konshens is certainly one of those artistes. Literally, song after song he has released this year has been a hit! I was surprised when I first heard this mixtape earlier this year to notice that many of his ‘bubbling’ music did not make the track listing. It was a pleasant surprise however because I love that Konshens has his gyal tune movement but for him to showcase some of his other works that may not reach out to the mainstream as his bubbling records do I think is what mixtapes are all about. Exposing a collection of records that the artiste wants the massive to know he can do. I’m sure die hard Konshens fans knew of this other side to his music, however.

About 50% of the mixtape I have had in my personal music library rotation for months now. There were some other songs which I had heard before but did not give too much of a chance outside of listening to the mixtape. So as I did this review, after the first 30 seconds of the song I detailed whether it was a favorite from the mixtape regardless of it’s title. I tried to ignore the fact that I loved the song beforehand if it was a staple in my current music playlists.

Now, I must say that Konshens doing non-bubbling tunes is SWEET! My all-time favorite which you can listen to above from the player is Pop In My Headphones – this is a song that you can seriously bill a vyb to! This record is sincerely smooth, soulful, and a true mellow record. The ending of this tune with the waves crashing, takes me back to nights sitting by the beach side enjoying the sounds of nature, HOW I MISS BERMUDA SO! LOL. A few other records that I took note of that were lyrically serious and had nice vybz were The Lord’s Prayer, which featured Richie Spice, Jah Love Mi and Shot A Fire. Konshen’s recently released the music video for Shot A Fire which you can check right here on #then1989. Don’t Diss Mama and Badman Settinz were two solid tracks that had meaningful lyrics over a riddim with a nice bounce, I personally love the versatility in the lyrical content by Konshens. Don’t Diss Mama is definitely one of those records most of us can relate to. The foundations vyb I heard on the Badman Settinz riddim sweets me something sincere. I love a nice old school session and I feel like this record can definitely close out such a session and bring a DJ/Selectah into the tunes of today very smoothly.

There were a few records on the mixtape that I have had in my rotation since first hearing this mixtape. They include: We A Look, Step U Money Up, So Mi Tan, Do Sum’n and Move To Dem. Each of these records gets me in a dancer mood. There are tunes such as the ones previously noted which you can simply bill a vyb from, sit off with ya friends and reason about life. But these ones right here I personally listen to when I am getting ready to go out to a party or when I’m driving on the road and just want to have a great time in my car. ME & MY VYBZ! =D

I hope this write up gave you an overall opinion of this mixtape by Konshens. Click the mixtape cover above to be redirected to the download link for Street Code by Konshens. You will be taken to for the download. The mixtape was mixed by Mixtape Yardy, click the name to follow him on Twitter. Enjoy di vybz!


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