From Maine 2 Miami by Juan Armin

Now ordinarily I would not feature a mixtape by an American artist – not that I do not support their movement – I am just more so focused on promoting Caribbean music and her artistes. BUT there is a very special reason for me choosing to feature Juan Armin. He is an artist which is represented by my great friend Shaquille Durham. Shaquille studied at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL and received his BA in Recording Arts in . He is currently working on his Master’s in Entertainment Business. & yes, HE IS BERMUDIAN (well he is American too) but being Bermudian is what truly matters!

I am not as hard of a hip hop fan as I used to be in middle school and high school. After my Atlanta hip hop phase, when ‘Lean Wit It, Rock It‘ and ‘Snap Your Fingers’ type of music was popular – I have yet to be excited about hip hop music again. Every once in a while I will come across an artist with a dope record or two but that’s usually as far as it goes for my love affair with the genre. I never got a chance to listen to Juan’s first mixtape so when Shaquille told me they had been working on a new mixtape I  made sure to let him know to send me a copy as soon as it was being released so I could be certain I listened to this one.

As an overall project I think ‘From Maine 2 Miami‘ is a solid body of music! Honestly, I think I have been staying away from hip hop so much because the music is starting to sound the same. Many artists are sticking to one ‘type’ of hip hop and milking it until the cow is dried up, which bothers me sincerely because their music becomes predictable. I appreciate when an artist is able to explore different beat productions to create new sounds. I’m not talking crossover music just simply utilizing beats created by producers that do not sound as if they were on a riddim! Some of my favorite records on FM2M are ‘String Theory‘ which was produced by The Passion HiFi (@Passion_HiFi), ‘Sand Castle‘ – produced by TyCo (@ProducerTyCo) and ‘Tell Me‘ which was produced by Mike G.

Click the mixtape cover below to be redirected to the official download link for From Maine 2 Miami by Juan Armin. You will be taken to for the download. The mixtape is a sponsored download and as such, you are not required to sign into DatPiff. Enjoy di vybz!

Follow Juan Armin on Twitter via @JuanArmin and Shaquille via @ThaTruth15 on Twitter to keep updated with their latest projects outside of this mixtape. If you are a fan of the other social network, Facebook, be sure to like Juan to get updates via FB – Fan Page.


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